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Olympus Altis Life Rules & Guidelines

  • Not knowing the rules does not make you exempt from them.
  • If another player breaks rules it does NOT give you the right to break a rule yourself.
  • Role-Play is required in almost all situations unless noted otherwise.
  • Trying to skirt an obvious rule may still result in a ban.
  • Play the game as it is meant to, don't attempt to get around things as this will not be excused.
  • Staff reserve the right to ban players they feel are being toxic, disruptive or not playing by the spirit of the game mode.
  • Not all rules can be listed so use common sense when playing.
  • General Server rules can be found HERE.

Chapter 1: No Random Death Match [RDM]

  1. Killing or tazing another player without any role-play will result in administrative action.
    1. If you have been fired at, returning fire is permitted.
    2. If someone commits a direct hostile action to you, you may kill them.
    3. Example: Lockpicking/stealing your vehicle, rotor tapping, bolt cutting, active APD warrants, APD house raids/searches, shooting you with a flare gun, physically interacting with your hostages.
    4. Example: Being armed/pointing a gun in your general direction and/or verbally insulting are NOT considered hostile actions, neither is ramming/running over someone whether or not you believe it is intentional.
  2. You may use gang tags to engage in role-play.
    1. If [A] John says hands up or die to [X] Hairy, then all of [A] is engaged with all of [X] and each gang is KOS to each other in that area and for wherever the engagement goes until it's over. (5 minutes pass without engagement/shooting). (Keep in mind, gang members need to actually have gang tags in their name for them to be engaged, and, if you choose to wear gang tags, they MUST be displayed at the front of your name.)
    2. Example: Engagement happens in Sofia, all [A] and [X] in Sofia are engaged. All [A] and [X] who enter Sofia afterwards are engaged. If the firefight moves from Sofia to rescue without intermission, then it's still a free for all for [A] and [X].
    3. This also applies to police. If you engage a cop, all cops are engaged with you. If you are in a tagged gang, anyone in your tagged gang who is actively in the situation is engaged with the cops. If you are engaged with cops and the engagement is around an HQ, you CAN kill cops as they spawn in until the engagement is over. Likewise, they can also immediately fire at you/your gang when they spawn in.
    4. You CAN engage cops via 911 dispatch if you please. (Ex: Send 911: Hands up or die by X gang)
  3. When engaging role-play, you must specify who you are engaging and give the player(s) time to react (at least 5 seconds). Do not immediately fire on the player(s).
    1. If someone reacts in a way that is compliant with your demand (Such as stopping their vehicle in order to get out) you must allow them to complete their reaction even if it takes longer than 5 seconds.
    2. If someone reacts in a non-compliant fashion with your demand (Such as turning to aim at you, or immediately taking evasive action) then you may shoot them before 5 seconds.
    3. You do not need the name of said player(s) to verbally engage but you must clearly show who you are trying to engage.
      1. Example: "Dude in the house, Hands up or die", "Ryan, Hands up or die", aiming at someone and saying "Hands up or die", etc.
  4. If a player abides by your demands, role-play it from there do not just shoot them.
  5. Side Chat does not engage role-play. Also you can not type in direct chat to engage role-play.
  6. You may open fire on another player that may be involved with a group/gang member unless it is obvious they are not part of the situation.
    1. Example: You're in a large fight in Sofia between your gang and another gang. Someone you don't know enters the vicinity. You may not open fire unless this individual shows hostile intent towards you. To clarify having a weapon is not a valid reason to open fire.
  7. Do not shoot at R&R members unless it falls under the exceptions found in their handbook. R&R Handbook
  8. RP has a 5 minute window, once engaged you are still engaged for this amount of time.
  9. Death ends the engagement. Anyone who is revived by a medic or epi-pened must engage/be re-engaged.
    1. Exception: When two tagged gangs are in an active engagement (with player(s) on both sides alive), tagged players of either gang that get revived whilst the engagement is still active do not need to re-engage.
      1. Example: Gangs tagged [A] and [X] are in an active engagement, with players on each side alive. An [A] gang member gets revived. That [A] gang member does not need to re-engage any of the [X] gang members, and is considered engaged with the [X] members.
  10. Do not excessively down/taze another player when not needed.

Chapter 2: No Vehicular Manslaughter [VDM]

  1. Do not use vehicles to run over player unless it is an absolute last resort (Life or Death)
  2. Players can not shoot another player that has been downed by a vehicle.
  3. Do not ram other vehicles for no reason.
  4. If your intention is to collide with another vehicle for whatever reason (To pit, disable, immobilize, troll, etc.) that's fine. However, if you collide with a vehicle on purpose and because of the collision there is an explosion/death, then you may be found accountable and may be banned. You initiate these maneuvers at your own risk.
  5. Do not use a helicopter to ram another helicopter, ground unit or vehicle.
  6. Rotor tapping vehicles is something you do at your peril. If the victim of a rotor tap explodes, you may be subject to a ban for VDM. If they don't explode, good job. You did it right.

Chapter 3: No Random Vehicle/Item Destruction

  1. Do not blow up or destroy vehicles for no reason

Chapter 4: No Combat Logging

  1. Disconnecting or aborting while in an active situation with another player is not allowed.
  2. Killing a player that is currently tased with clear intent to free the tased player from future consequences is considered fail RP.
  3. Killing yourself on purpose while engaged with a player is considered combat logging/fail RP.
  4. Storing a vehicle while engaged with another player or within 5 minutes after combat is considered vehicular combat logging.
  5. Logging out specifically to avoid an obvious encounter from happening is also considered combat logging.

Chapter 5: Aviation

  1. Warning shots may be given to air units (including the R&R) if you do not wish for them to land near your location (3 single rounds shot not directly at the air unit).
    1. Warning shots with a suppressed weapon are invalid.
  2. If a person does not fly away after given warning shots, you may then open fire on them.
  3. If in a helicopter, you may send a text to another vehicle to engage RP.

Chapter 6: Do not harm Rescue & Recovery

  1. Do not mess with R&R unless they are going against your directives to offer services to another player.
    1. Citizens can only order a medic to revive a deceased player that is requesting medical service.
    2. Citizens may only interfere with a medic performing his or her duties by ordering the medic to stop reviving, or not to revive, a player, group, or gang.
  2. Never harvest a kidney from, or rob an R&R member for any reason.
    1. Exception: R&R vehicles negligently unlocked by an R&R member may be 'stolen'.
  3. In specific zones, R&R ground units may be killed on sight.
    1. Exception: Aerial R&R units must still be engaged appropriately.
  4. R&R may be killed or taken hostage when following the guidelines found here.
  5. Medical services may be denied to you based on the criteria found here.
  6. Please review the R&R Master Handbook before interacting with R&R members.

Chapter 7: Hostage / Player Robbing

  1. A player may be taken hostage for 15 minutes, after which they may choose to stay up to another 15 minutes or leave.
    1. Exception: A vigilante may hold a player for longer than 15 minutes if the jail doors are open and they make their best effort to repair it.
  2. Do not kill players in restraints
    1. You cannot restrain someone outside of a redzone and then bring them into a redzone just to kill them. This is also FailRP.
    2. Exception: You may kill players that do not follow reasonable demands (For example, "be quiet or die" is acceptable, but playing "simon says" or asking for the alphabet backwards is not.)
    3. Exception: You may kill players if hostage negotiations with the APD have failed, or the APD fails to show up in a reasonable timeframe.
  3. After a hostage situation/robbery the player must be unrestrained and released in a safe manner and also either within 1 kilometer of a garage or 1 kilometer from their point of restraint.
    1. Player must also be healed/not limping
  4. If you rob a player you may not hold them for ransom and vice versa.
  5. You may not take the same person hostage more than once every 30 minutes.
    1. Exception: If that person initiates engagement first and commits a hostile action towards you after taking them hostage and before the 30 minutes is up, then you may take them hostage again. This does not include the APD.
  6. APD members outnumbered 3 to 1 with guns clearly pointed at them need to surrender and abide by the hostage rules.
    1. Exception: APD members playing the role of hostage negotiator may not be taken hostage before/during hostage negotiations.
  7. Members of the APD may not be restrained or excessively tased when responding to Federal Events, Pharmaceutical, Bank, or APD Escort events or in the aftermath of the aforementioned events.
    1. See Chapter 17 regarding the definition of Federal Events.
    2. Exception: APD members neutralized at Federal Events who put their hands up of their own volition may be restrained and escorted throughout the federal event area, however, they may not be robbed.
  8. A limited number of medics may be taken hostage per group for a Federal Event.
    1. 1-3 Medics Online (Hostage Max 1)
    2. 4-5 Medics Online (Hostages Max 2)
    3. 6+ Medics Online (Hostages Max 3)

Chapter 8: Vigilante

  1. Vigilantes are no exception to the law. They must also follow the server rules regarding RDM, VDM etc.
  2. Vigilantes are not required to announce before shooting in red/illegal zones.
    1. The difference between a Vigilante and a Civilian is only that they can place a wanted player in jail.
    2. You are still able to do illegal activities, if caught, you will be dealt appropriately by the APD. Consult the APD Handbook and the APD Ticket Guide for more information.
  3. Players associated with “meta-gaming” while having a vigilante license may be subject to administrative action.
    1. If a player has been a victim of robbery or murder, that player may not return to seek revenge and send him/her to jail.
    2. You may not follow a player around who is breaking the law and continue to collect the bounty on them over and over.
    3. Example a player is placed in jail, you or a member of your group break them out only so you can place them back into jail over and over.
    4. You may not group with a player and allow them to build a bounty just to collect on it in the end.
    5. You may not exchange/receive any form of monetary compensation in relation to sending a player to jail.
  4. Do NOT abuse the vigilante license.
    1. Do NOT send players to jail with less than a $75,000 bounty.
    2. Do NOT take a wanted player, that is already restrained, away from another Vigilante and then send them to jail unless the Vigilante has asked you to.
    3. Do NOT pull players out of vehicles if a player is not wanted.
    4. Do NOT send people from your own gang to jail.
    5. You may NOT rob a wanted player and then place them in jail for a bounty.
      1. This includes members of your party as well.
  5. Vigilantes that repeatedly down another player without justifiable cause will be considered RDM and will be dealt with via administrative action.
  6. Downing a player to keep them down cause you have no zip ties is RDM.
    1. If you are robbing a player outside the vigilante role it must be RP'd as normal.
    2. Downing a player with a bounty before announcing yourself is RDM (Side chat is not considered announcing).
    3. Downing a player with a bounty that is running away from you after announcing yourself is NOT RDM.
  7. Vigilantes can simply be put as “forces that have been rejected, denied or have yet to be accepted to the Police Force to serve justice in Altis Life”. However, they are not cops. Hence, they are only authorized to act upon subjects that have a $75,000 bounty or higher on their head. You do NOT enforce laws, that is an officer's job.
    1. Vigilantes may not have their weapons out in main cities just like any other Civilian. If an APD member asks a vigilante to holster their weapon, they must comply or potentially face a ticket from the APD.
    2. Vigilantes should never attempt to arrest an APD Detainee. If APD asks for assistance that is fine but do not run into an area yelling "I'm a vigilante" and attempt to arrest someone the officer is dealing with.
    3. If you are escorting a player with a bounty and an officer asks you to stop, you need to stop and explain what you are doing. Officers can NOT take the wanted player away and attempt to ticket or send the player to jail if you have captured the wanted player(s) in the appropriate manner.
      1. If you are wanted the APD may process you and if you refuse to pay your ticket the APD may then process all wanted players accordingly.
  8. If you restrain a wanted player you are required to;
    1. Let the player know what they are wanted for.
    2. Let the player know their bounty amount.
    3. Let the player know you will be sending them to jail.
    4. Take the player to the jail transport located at all Vigilante outposts.

Chapter 9: Terror Attack & HQ Takeover

  1. Terror
    1. All players are KOS inside the city that the terror was started in to the person calling terror and that person's tagged friendly gang members, and said people are KOS to all players in that city until terror ends.
    2. R&R members are off limits during terror unless they have been directed not to offer services. Refer to R&R Master Handbook for more info.
  2. HQ Takeover
    1. All civilians and cops are KOS in and around the marked HQ

Chapter 10: New Life Rule

  1. If you die for any reason apart from dying by an Arma bug you may not return to that area for 15 minutes. (1 Kilometer from where you died)
    1. Exception: When killed on Warzone Island or at any cartel NLR will not apply.
    2. Exception: When lethaled by cops at Rebel Outposts, APD Escorts, or Gang Base, NLR does NOT apply.
    3. Exception: Players who have the sole intention of immediately returning to Warzone after death in or around Theresa (within 1 kilometer of Theresa) may respawn in Therisa and head back to Warzone, provided their actions within or around Theresa are limited to going to the garage, spawning a vehicle and driving to Warzone.
  2. APD may return to legal areas after death as they see fit. (This is to simulate the size of an actual police force)
  3. R&R must wait 15 minutes to return to an area if killed by not following directives. (Within reason, more details in R&R Handbook)

Chapter 11: Interacting with Jailed players

  1. Robbing, taking hostage or killing a jailed player is a bannable offense.
  2. Players may only interact with jailed players for the purpose of breaking them out.
  3. Glitching out of jail is bannable.

Chapter 12: Red Zone / Illegal Zone / Rebel Outposts

  1. Red zones are KOS, no RP is required by Civilians. Gas Stations are never redzones. (Exception: Killing a player in restraints inside of a red zone is still considered Fail RP).
  2. For APD and Rebel Outposts refer to the APD Handbook
  3. VDM/NLR are still enforced in red zones.
  4. Medics may only be killed inside an illegal zone if the following criteria is met, a Medic must be warned to leave the area through either an EMS text, Direct Chat, or Warning Shots before a Medic is killed. 5 seconds must be given to give the Medic enough time to leave the area. If the Medic abides by the warning and tries to leave the area then you cannot continue shooting at the Medic.
  5. The Warzone is a very large illegal/redzone that follows Cartel rules for all factions.

Chapter 13: Blue Zones

  1. The Altis Pharmaceutical Escort event, APD Escort event, and Art Gallery event Blue Zones allow civilians to kill cops on sight, no RP is required by civilians.
  2. Civilians cannot shoot other civilians on sight within Blue Zones without any role-play. RDM rules for civilian on civilian engagements is still enforced in Blue Zones.
  3. APD Escort Event
    1. The APD escort motorcade is considered KOS, no RP is required by civilians in order to interact with the APD escort event.
      1. Exception: Use of explosives against the APD Escort event with intent to blow up the escort vehicle is prohibited and will result in an event disruption ban.
    2. Any civilian interacting/interfering/seen participating with the APD Escort event may be shot on sight by the APD, no RP is required.
      1. Example: Blocking the road in front of the APD escort event motorcade, trying to pit police escort vehicles off of the road, etc.
    3. APD vehicles associated with the APD escort event must use emergency lights, no sirens required.

Chapter 14: Explosive Items

  1. Suicide vests may be used at any time following normal roleplay rules. Misuse of suicide vests to kill restrained players or destroy vehicles for no reason may still result in administrative action. If these scenarios arise action will be taken entirely at staff discretion. "Allah Akbar" or variants are NOT considered valid RP.
  2. Suicide Vests can be used without RP in redzones/terrors.
  3. When using a titan on aerial vehicles the pilot must first be directly notified stating your demands and that you are using a Titan, if demands are not met (within reason) you may fire on the air unit with said titan. If a titan message is sent during an active engagement and the engagement lasts longer then 5 minutes, the player may still fire the titan at the pilot that was messaged if demands were still not met. A titan message may be sent by any tagged group/gang member to the pilot of the aerial vehicle.
  4. Titans may be used without texts in illegal areas.
  5. Titans may also be fired at ground vehicles and other players via standard RP rules. Misuse of Titan launchers to kill restrained players or destroy vehicles may still result in administrative action. If these scenarios arise action will be taken entirely at staff discretion.
  6. When a player is directly fired upon by an aerial vehicle, the player may return fire with a titan without sending a text first. (Gang engagement does not apply for this rule)
  7. Randomly placing slam mines or explosive charges around with no RP causing death or destruction is considered RDM.

Chapter 15: Martial Law

  1. Martial Law can be called by an Admin or by a Senior APD member.
  2. Martial Law may be called if a city is out of control and officers can not regain control of it.
  3. During Martial Law any civilian seen in the city can be downed and restrained on sight.
    1. Exception: Civilians in houses must be properly engaged.
  4. When order has been restored an announcement will be sent stating its over.
  5. If you do not wish to be downed & arrested during this time, it is best to stay in doors or leave the city.

Chapter 16: Meta-Gaming

  1. You may not use information from one faction to switch over to a new faction and deal with the situation.
  2. Do not post situational information about other players in side/gang chat.
    1. Exception: AAN news broadcasts can contain situational information.
  3. You must wait 15 minutes before switching factions.

Chapter 17: Federal Event

  1. A Federal Event is defined as: The Blackwater Armory event, Federal Reserve event, Altis Penitentiary event, or Evidence Lockup event.
  2. Federal Event
    1. A federal event is considered a legal area until it is being robbed, once an event begins the event area then turns into a red zone. (Location is shown on map)
    2. Any vehicles left at a federal event after the event is over may be seized by the APD.
    3. Any vehicles which were involved in a federal event and have been followed out of the federal event may be seized if/when caught.
    4. APD must have had a constant view of the fleeing vehicle(s) from the federal event to the seizure spot.
    5. All other server rules still apply such as APD Wave rules, NLR, ect.
  3. Jail Additional Rules
    1. Killing jail inmates is not permitted.
    2. If 5 or less APD members are online during a jail break then APD are NOT required to follow the wave rules as outlined in the APD Master Handbook.
      1. Once 6 or more APD members are online they must then abide by the wave rule once again.

Chapter 18: Miscellaneous

  1. The below rules/guideline are things that do not fit into other areas but still need to be followed.
  2. You may not drive a vehicle into the water to prevent it from being stolen, searched, ect
  3. You may not destroy property to prevent it being searched/raided.
  4. Extreme harassment may result in a ban.
  5. Switching to a different account after getting banned with your main account may result in both accounts being banned and for longer.
  6. If a player goes to the extent of using a game mechanic to prevent other players from playing the game, this can be considered as massive trolling.
  7. Anyone found to be doing nothing but trolling on the server in a severe manner may receive a ban.
  8. The RP window is 5 minutes so abide by this in regards to situations such as shooting, logging out, storing vehicles, ect.
  9. Exploiting is considered as abusing an in-game bug or using a game mechanic in a way that it's not intended to be used.
    1. Vaulting/restraining/escorting through windows is exploiting
  10. You may face administrative action for violating APD and Medic rules while on duty.
  11. Buying or selling any Olympus assets will result in administrative action. Assets include Olympus money, virtual/physical items and vehicles.
  12. Usage of multiple accounts by one user at the same time in-game will result in a ban on both (or all) accounts.
  13. Bypassing the house limits of 5 houses per player via the use of multiple accounts will result in administrative action.
  14. Betting outside of the scope of the windows-key betting option for purely monetary bets is not allowed. (e.g. Using the money transfer mechanic for a bet which could otherwise be done with the windows-key -> bet player option)
  15. If an APD member witnesses a player blatantly breaking server rules a patrol officer+ can send them directly to jail for rule breaking.
    1. If an APD member falsely arrests another player, they may face administrative action.
  16. Players must have in-game sound effects turned up to the point where direct voice communication from other players is audible.
  17. Do not sit with an open mic playing music, yelling or other disruptive sounds as this is disruptive and makes it very hard for players to hear each other.

Chapter 19: Taxi

  1. Taxi vehicles may not be stolen
    1. Exception: Taxis may be stolen while inside a red/illegal zone
    2. Exception: If the driver or passenger initiates hostile activity against another player, the taxi can be stolen.
      1. Example: if you are flying someone around and they engage another player the vehicle can then be stolen.
      2. Example: you are defending yourself from someone who has engaged with you first then the vehicle can not be stolen.
    3. Exception: If you refuse to unlock a vehicle to let a player rob the items inside, your taxi may be stolen.
  2. Taxi drivers may not partake in hostage-taking or robbing others
    1. Example: you can not intentionally take a passenger to another group to become a hostage.
    2. If while driving someone, a group states to pull over so they can take the person hostage, you may abide by the demands to preserve your own life.
  3. Taxi drivers may issue a fee for driving a player from Point A to Point B
    1. The driver can receive this money before the drive, but the price & place must be agreed upon first.
    2. Once paid the Taxi driver must take the person to the agreed-upon place.
    3. Taxi drivers may not issue fees unless they are giving a ride to a person and a fee amount has been agreed upon.

Chapter 20: Worker's Protection License (WPL)

  1. Workers Protection License (WPL) holders are no exception to the law. They must also follow the server rules regarding RDM, VDM etc.
    1. License holders with a WPL are unable to harvest illegal items as the WPL is meant for those engaged in legal enterprises.
    2. License holders arrested within illegal zones are subject to search and seizure, as well as forfeiture of their right to being issued an APD ticket..
    3. Exception: Those who are held hostage may not be charged. Hostages must be restrained at all times to prevent abuse.
    4. License holders who are detained and are found to be wanted for any charge(s) other than self-defense manslaughter are subject to search and seizure, as well as forfeiture of their right to being issued an APD ticket.
  2. Those in possession of a WPL Weapon are subject to license checks by any APD officer.
  3. License holders are required to provide identification to any APD officer upon request. Failure to comply provides probable cause for an officer to conduct a search of the license holders' person.

Chapter 21: War

  1. When gangs are at war, they will see their warring enemies names in red. If you are in a gang and you see someone's name in red, you may shoot them WITHOUT engagement whether they are on foot or in a vehicle. This applies to all weapons, including explosives.
    1. Killing someone you are at war with while they are restrained is still considered Fail RP
  2. You will be banned if you're found abusing the system to farm war points illegitimately.

Chapter 22: Interacting with Whitelist Training / Player Tutorial

  1. When APD Training is occurring in game, no player is allowed to interfere with the training.
    1. If a civilian is caught interfering with training, they will be sent straight to jail, and be banned by Olympus Staff
    2. APD officers cannot use training as a shield (they cannot take civilians they have caught into a training to avoid being attacked by other civilians)
    3. People who interfere with training may suffer a blacklist by the Senior APD
  2. When R&R Training is occurring in game, no player is allowed to interfere with the training.
    1. If a civilian is caught interfering, they will be banned by Olympus Staff
    2. People who interfere with training may suffer a blacklist by the Senior R&R
  3. No player is allowed to interfere with players participating in the server's tutorial.
    1. Players participating in the tutorial are indicated with a yellow name, the tutorial itself is a step-by-step guide to doing a silver run.
    2. Players that start the tutorial that are currently engaged are exempt (for gang engagements, the player in question has to have participated in the engagement).
    3. Players that start the tutorial as a means to avoid a situation are exempt.
    4. Players participating in the server's tutorial that initiate an engagement are exempt.
    5. Exception: Players participating in the tutorial that have over 30 hours on the server (indicated by NOT having a yellow name), are exempt, and may be initiated on/robbed.

Chapter 23: Event Specific Rules

  1. Event rules may be modified by the staff member running the event, always follow guidelines set forth by staff broadcasts and use common sense
  2. Violation of event rules (including those specified by a staff member during an event) may result in an event disruption ban
  3. Conquest
    1. Warzone rules apply inside the conquest zone (no NLR, KOS, etc)
    2. Civilians may not make use of armed aerial vehicles, slung armed vehicles, or AT vehicles
    3. Vigilantes may not camp areas solely to stop or arrest conquest participants (including, but not limited to, the nearest city/rebel/sheds)
    4. Players may not go to conquest with the sole intention of stealing/chopping vehicles
    5. Players may look through walls & floors, but may not poke their gun through to shoot.
    6. Jumping though windows is allowed, except when the jump requires floating or vaulting to complete
    7. R&R
      1. Medics are not permitted to enter the conquest zone
    8. APD
      1. APD Handbook: Server Events
      2. APD Handbook: SWAT
  4. Air Drop
    1. All players within the marked airdrop redzone are KOS
    2. APD
      1. APD Handbook: Server Events
  5. Gang Base Skirmish
    1. Conquest rules apply inside the Gang Base Skirmish zone (no NLR, KOS, armed aerial vehicles, etc)
    2. Players may not utilize RPGs, Mines and Explosive charges/IEDS at the Gangbase Skirmish
    3. Vigilantes/APD may not tase or restrain players participating in the event (this includes players spawning, gearing, or traveling in the general vicinity and nearby rebels)
    4. Warzone Rules apply inside the conquest zone (no NLR, KOS, etc)
    5. A gang's fighting force (including non-members) may not exceed 10 players.
    6. The winner of a gang base skirmish may not participate in, or interfere with other skirmishes on the same day
    7. Skirmish rules related specifically to the APD and R&R can be found in the APD Handbook and R&R Handbook
  6. Gang Turfs
    1. Follows the same rules as Gangbase (No Vigilantes/APD, NLR, Launchers/Mines, etc.)
    2. Limited to gangs/groups of 6 or lower
    3. Gangs that have ownership of a Gangbase may not participate or interfere with Turf Skirmishes. Gangs that own a Turf may participate in a Gangbase, if they win they cannot capture a Turf until they lose control of the Gangbase