Evidence Lockup

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The Evidence Lockup is now its own Federal Event that APD is required to respond to when the rebels are trying to steal weapons and other gear from the APD Lockup. Featuring its very own Anti-Air system to keep away people who think it wise to fly into its air space. If you have what it takes to take on the Lockup, get your gang together and give it your best shot.

Starting the Robbery

Before the rebels will be able to access the evidence locker, there will need to be five APD officers online. To break into the dome that houses the evidence locker, the rebels will need to activate a Hacking Terminal by standing in front of the armory door and using the item in their “Y” menu. Once the door has been hacked, it will take 20 minutes, displayed on a red timer, for them to fail completely and allow access to the seized evidence located inside of the dome. If the APD successfully disarm the terminal with a defuse kit, however, they will be awarded 500k to be split among all nearby officers. Once 5 minutes have elapsed, all doors that are only accessible to CPL+ will suffer a failure in their security systems and be open for anyone to open and close. If the terminal is successful, the rebels will be able to take several illegal items seized by the APD as well as a multitude of other gear that will more than justify the fight. The rebels can expect to find three boxes that will spawn inside of the structure housed inside the protective dome which an SGT+ can also access. The first will contain all illegal uniforms seized by the APD during the current server cycle. The second box spawns any weapons and attachments along with other illegal items which were seized. The third and final box will contain an assortment of APD Items that are kept for use by the Evidence locker Riot Squad. Once the rebels have cleared the area the APD will need to repair the door for the evidence locker before they may repair the destroyed wall in the visitation center.

Possible Rewards

Weapons Commonality
Mk200 Common
MXSW Common
LIM Common
Mk-1 Common
ASP Uncommon
Mk-1 Taser Rare
LIM Taser Rare
  • You can get between 4-6 Weapons.
Clothing Commonality
Pilot Coveralls Common
CSAT Fatigues Common
Carrier Rig Uncommon
Carrier Rig Uncommon
Suicide Vest Uncommon
  • You can get between 4-6 clothing items.
Suppressors Commonality
5.56 Suppressor Common
5.8 Suppressor Common
6.5 Suppressor Rare
  • You can get between 1-2 suppressors.
Grenades Commonality
RGN Grenades Common
RGO Grenades Common
  • You can get between 1-2 explosives.
Exotic Commonality
Mar-10 Common
ENVG Uncommon
DMS Rare
7.62 Suppressor Rare
  • You can get between 1-4 grenades.