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"Yeah, that's 100% RDM. Report him and an admin will ban them."

Support Team Information

Support Team Overview

The front of the support team uniform.
The back of the support team uniform.

What is the Support Team?

The support team is a long-standing service in the Olympus community founded by former Olympus owner, Peter Long. The purpose of the support team is to aid newer members of the community and to help grow the Olympus player-base by answering day-to-day questions and offering support.

How To Apply For Support Team

Do you want to help and guide the people of Olympus? Great! You can find how to apply and the requirements for applying here:

  • Applicants must be 16 or older. (Age exceptions can be made on a case by case basis)
  • Must have a forum account older than 1 month.
  • Must have a minimum of 500 hours on the server.
  • Fully read and understand the Altis Life Rules, APD Handbook, and the R&R Handbook.
  • No bans within the past 3 months (Previous bans may still affect your application)
  • (Exception): Bans that have been lifted by a staff member will not be counted towards you.
  • Must be an active member of the Olympus Community (ex: in-game and on the forums)
  • Professionalism on the Olympus Teamspeak & forums is a must. Toxicity will not be tolerated.
  • Failure to take your test in 2 weeks from the date your application has been accepted will require you to submit a new application.
  • Simply because you meet these requirements it does not mean your application will be accepted. These are the minimum requirements that applicants must meet before applying to be considered into the support team.

If you meet the above requirements and wish to join the Support Team then follow these next steps:

  • Navigate to the Olympus Forums and make a new support request.
  • Select the dropdown menu and choose the “Support Team Application” option, make the title of your application: “Support Team Application - [Your Name]”, then fill out all of the required information and make sure to write out a few good reasons as to why the Support Team should let you join. Hit the “Save” option and wait until you hear back from the senior support team on whether or not you were accepted or denied.
  • If you were accepted then please navigate to the Olympus Teamspeak and join the “Support Team Applicants” channel with your ticket number in your name. From here you will be pulled by the senior support team and given the support team test.

Support Team Responsibilities

  • Help new players with any questions they might have about game mechanics, how to get started, and maneuvering the community to join different departments, groups, gangs, or factions.
  • Mediate disputes between parties using competent rule knowledge and, if necessary, de-escalating conflict to find an amicable resolution.
  • Helping players create support requests for staff assistance.
  • Educating players on the rules of the server and for specific factions.
  • Answering in-game dispatches to help players settle disputes and provide assistance

Support Team Benefits

  • Base payout of $750,000, 50 warpoints, or 10 renown points at the end of each 2-week term if ticket quota (15 tickets) is met.
    • Every 5 tickets over the quota will be rewarded with either 5 warpoints, $50,000, or 2 renown points in addition to the base pay.
    • Maximum additional pay is 25 warpoints, $250,000, or 20 renown points over the base pay.
  • In-game uniform whitelist
    • Players no longer spawn with the Support Team Uniform.
  • In-game title
  • Support Team in-game dispatch system similar to Rescue & Recovery and Altis Police Department dispatches. However, it does not show players location.
    • In-game text communication channel
    • Can be used cross faction
  • Opportunity to increase standing in the Olympus community and to meet new people.

Support Team Ranks

  • Rank Requirements Perk
    Support Team I Starting Rank "Support Team" Uniform, Dispute LC Access
    Support Team II 75 Tickets & 30D TIG In-game Dispatch Access
    Support Team III 150 Tickets & 30D TIG "Support Team" Title
    Support Team IV 250 Tickets & 60D TIG "Ticket Whore" Title
    Support Team V Senior Support Team "Senior Support Team" Title
    Support Team VI Support Team Lead "Support Team Lead" Title

Support Team Member of the Month

In addition to the benefits outlined above, members can also compete for member of the month. It is typically awarded to the member with the most tickets for the month and winners get to chose between a few rewards.

  1. A Support Team member can not be the Member of the Month twice in a row.
  2. A Support Team member has to be active for the entire month
  3. Senior Support has the final decision on the Support Team Member of the Month.
  • Rewards include:
    • $3,000,000
    • 200 warpoints
    • 55 renown points
    • Blackwater Armory weapon of choice + 4 mags for a weapon. This is not including the Zafir/RPG-42 or any type of attachment.
    • Suppressor of choice with a maximum caliber of 7.62.
    • Vehicle of choice (using prices up to an armed prowler/Qilin ~3 mil).
    • 50 pack of hex icons.
    • 1 month of Olympus Plus.