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What is the Support Team?

The support team is a long-standing service in the Olympus community founded by former Olympus owner, Peter Long. The purpose of the support team is to aid newer members of the community and to help grow the Olympus player-base by answering day-to-day questions and offering support.

Support Team Responsibilities

  • Help new players with any questions they might have about game mechanics, how to get started, and maneuvering the community to join different departments, groups, gangs, or factions.
  • Mediate disputes between parties using competent rule knowledge and, if necessary, de-escalating conflict to find an amicable resolution.
  • Helping players create support requests for staff assistance.
  • Educating players on the rules of the server and for specific factions.

Support Team Benefits

  • Payout of $750,000 or 50 warpoints at the end of each 2-week term if ticket quota is met
  • In-game uniform whitelist
  • In-game title
  • Opportunity to increase standing in the Olympus community and to meet new people

Joining Support Team

In order to make an application for the support team, navigate to the Olympus forums, click the support tab, then new request, and select "support team application". Fill out all required data as well as a statement speaking to why you should be considered for the support team.