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Mission Statement

The purpose of the Support Team is to aid new players/members of the community in answering simple day-to-day questions, solving rudimentary problems, and facilitating aid for those members of the community who need a little help. The Support Team is composed of members of the community who possess high level rule knowledge and are passionate about facilitating the streamlining of information, mediating disputes, and taking an active role in growing the community.

Chapter I - Requirements for Joining

  1. Applicants must be 16 or older. (Age exceptions can be made on a case by case basis).
  2. Must have a forum account older than 1 month.
  3. Must have a minimum of 500 hours on the server.
  4. Fully read and understand the Olympus Server Rules, APD Master Handbook, and the R&R Handbook.
  5. No bans within the past 3 months (Previous bans may still affect your application)
    1. (Exception): Bans that have been lifted by a staff member will not be counted towards you.
  6. Must be an active member of the Olympus Community (ex: in-game and on the forums).
  7. Professionalism on the Olympus Teamspeak & forums is a must. Toxicity will not be tolerated.
  8. Failure to take your test in 2 weeks from the date your application has been accepted will require you to submit a new application.
    1. Simply because you meet these requirements it does not mean your application will be accepted. These are the minimum requirements that applicants must meet before applying to be considered into the support team.

Chapter II - Professional Standards

  1. As a member of the Support Team, you will have the [Support Team] Teamspeak tag, and have access to the Support Team rooms in the TeamSpeak server. With these powers, you will have permissions allowing you to move clients in and out of channels to administer assistance to all who need it.
    1. Support Team members are only permitted to move people from the “Join for Help” and “On Duty” channels to a Support Room.
    2. If found abusing this feature in any way, shape, or form, the team member will receive proportionate disciplinary action from a Senior Support Team member.
    3. Users must always give consent before being moved from channels for whitelisted factions, or , “On Duty” channels. If they do not wish to go to support, honor their request and let the other party know what they can do next to resolve their issue.
    4. Support Team members must join using their primary Teamspeak identity if they are to interact with support rooms or participate in support cases.
  2. As a member of the support team, you are not to give opinions on videos or evidence provided to you. Simply tell the individuals that if they feel something was done wrong by the offending party, they should make a player report. If not, move on.
  3. If at any time you receive any sort of disciplinary actions on one of the 3 factions (APD, R&R, or Civilian), you will receive proportionate disciplinary actions on the Support Team as well.
  4. If at any time there is an issue that you cannot resolve by yourself using the resources provided to you and/or necessitates Senior Support intervention, do not be afraid to message a Senior on TS, Discord, or the forums to come assist with the issue.
  5. Support Team members must exercise proper forum etiquette on the Olympus Entertainment forums. If you post anything that is derogatory, instigates fighting, or is generally unprofessional or toxic, you will be disciplined appropriately. Of course, you are allowed to disagree with others, tell someone they are wrong, or share your opinion, but you must do so in a constructive manner.
  6. In-game and Teamspeak usernames/avatars must be appropriate and follow all Support Team and Olympus rules and guidelines.
  7. Support Team members must always display professionalism and a willingness to assist players when handling cases. People will not always treat you with the respect or politeness that you give to them, but take it in stride. You will deal with many people yelling at you, not understanding the rules, or being toxic, but you must deal with it.
  8. Obviously, any information relayed in Support Rooms cannot be acted upon on any Olympus Server. This violates Olympus Server Rules and doing so will warrant appropriate disciplinary action up to and including immediate removal.

Chapter III - Terms and Qoutas

  1. Each term will last two weeks, ending and beginning on every other Sunday.
  2. Each Support Team member must submit 15 tickets per term unless on a leave of absence or excused by a Senior.
  3. Failure to meet the quota for a single term will result in an activity warning. Failure to meet two consecutive terms, or if it is obvious they are only meeting every other term to skirt around warnings, will result in removal.
  4. At the conclusion of each term, every member who meets their requirements will receive $750,000 or 50 War Points payment. These payouts will not be instantaneous, so do not message Seniors or Staff asking when you'll receive your payout.
  5. Each new Support Team member will be required to meet their ticket quota for the first two terms. Failure to do so will result in removal.
    1. (Exception): This can be waived at the discretion of Senior Support if they are sought out and discuss the issue. We understand people have lives outside of Olympus and can afford to be lenient in personal circumstances.

Chapter IV - Ticket Submittance Guidelines

  1. Only one ticket may be submitted per case.
    1. Whichever Support Team member interacts with the client or claims the ticket first will have the ticket accredited to them as shown in TeamSpeak/Discord logs.
    2. If multiple tickets are submitted by different support members for the same case, only the first one submitted will be counted, and the others deleted.
  2. Only one ticket may be submitted per client.
    1. If a client enters the support room multiple times, either allow 15 minutes to pass before making a new ticket, or supplement your existing ticket with the relevant information before submitting it.
  3. Tickets may not be submitted while playing on whitelisted factions.
    1. (Exception): If no other support team members are online, you may handle your own case, but you will not be permitted to argue your case. You may present the other party with information relevant to the situation, but simply tell them if they feel you handled something incorrectly, they should submit an Internal Affairs support request. Tickets done in this manner may not be submitted or counted towards your quota.

Chapter V - Support Team Dispatches

  1. Support Team members ranked "Support Team II" and above will be able to receive and respond to in-game dispatches by players who require live assistance in-game.
  2. Support Team members are heavily encouraged to respond to these while in-game unless they are otherwise engaged in roleplay or gameplay.
    1. Support Team Members may, under no circumstances, use information gained via the in-game dispatch system to benefit themselves or disrupt gameplay on the server.
  3. All situations resolved and players aided using the dispatch system may count towards the ticket count of the team member as in-game tickets.
  4. Whoever responds to the player via the private messaging feature first will be accredited the ticket for the case towards their quota.

Chapter VI - In-Game Support Channel

  1. Communication within the in-game Support Team channel is to be used solely for Support Team duties, such as coordinating cases, getting a second opinion, etc.
    1. This channel is not to be used for general chit-chat, disrupting other members, or distributing in-game information unless it directly relates to a support case. Abuse of this system will result in disciplinary action.