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"The APD are meant to be a peacekeeping force that focuses on eliminating criminal activity while promoting comradery within it's ranks."
ThatNerdyGuy (Administrator, Deputy Chief of Police)

What is the APD?

The Altis Police Department mainly patrols the map in an attempt to catch criminals. The APD are required to respond to federal reserve robberies, Blackwater Armory robberies, and disturbances at the Altis Penitentiary. APD officers have the choice of responding to robberies of the Bank of Altis, art gallery robberies, gas station robberies, and pharmaceutical truck robberies. The APD occasionally responds to 911 dispatches, investigates the use of R&R panic buttons, and escorts civilians who are using large trucks. There is a maximum of 20 APD slots on each of the Olympus servers.

Joining the APD

The APD is a whitelisted faction that players can join once they meet a certain number of requirements. Those requirements1 are as follows:

  • Applicants must be 16 years of age or older. If caught lying about your age, you will be blacklisted.
  • Applicants must have at least 1800 minutes (30 hours) of playtime as a civilian.
  • Applicants must not have a ban within two weeks prior to their application.
  • Applicants must know and understand the rules needed to play the role.

If a player meets those requirements, he or she can apply to join the APD. Applications can be submitted through the support area of the forums.

  1. Click "support" in the bar at the top of the website.
  2. Click "new request".
  3. Open the department drop-down menu and click "APD Application".
  4. Complete and submit the application.

When an APD application is reviewed and accepted by a senior APD member, that player must pass a deputy test and attend a basic training that's usually conducted by an field training officer (FTO).



Duties: Entry level APD officer, should be learning the rules.

Minimums: 1,800 minutes.

Vest Tier: 1

Backpack: Invisible Kitbag, Invisible Carryall

Weapons: Zubr .45, .45 ACP, P07 9mm, Sting 9mm

Vehicles: Offroad

Item Seize Pay: 70%

Patrol Officer

Duties: Conducts illegal area patrols and mentors deputies.

Minimums: 1,800 minutes and 7 days time in grade.

Vest Tier: 2

Weapons: MX, SDAR, SPAR-16, Mk20

Vehicles: Quad Bike, Hatchback (Sport), SUV

Item Seize Pay: 80%


Duties: Leader among the lower ranks, first lethal loading officer. *FTO is a role given to select corporals to train APD officers.

Minimums: Minimum of 10,000 minutes and 30 days time in grade, based on recommendations.

Vest Tier: 2

Weapons: Promet, MX GL, Promet GL, Kozlice 12G, CMR-76, SPAR-16 GL, SPAR-16S, Promet MR, Type 115, MXM, ADR-97, Mk20GL

Vehicles: Qilin, Prowler, Offroad (Comms), Van (Cargo), Van (Transport)

Aerial Vehicles: Hellcat, Hummingbird, Caesar

Item Seize Pay: 90%

Staff Sergeant / Retired Senior APD

Duties: N/A

Minimums: N/A

Vest Tier: 3

Backpack: Invisible Bergen

Weapons: AKU-12, AK-12 GL, SPAR-17, Mk-1, Mk18 ABR, MAR-10

Vehicles: Hunter

Aerial Vehicles: Orca, Hellcat Bench, Hellcat (Unarmed), Hummingbird, Caesar


Duties: Interviews new applicants, handling everyday issues.

Minimums: Selected by the Chief and Senior APD.

Vest Tier: 4

Weapons: AKU-12, AK-12 GL, SPAR-17, Mk-1, Mk18 ABR, MAR-10, 9mm Suppressor, .45 ACP Suppressor

Vehicles: Hunter

Aerial Vehicles: Orca, Armed Ghosthawk, Armed Caesar, Mi-290 Taru


Duties: Accepts applications and handles moderate to sever issues.

Minimums: Appointed by the Chief and Deputy Chiefs.

Vest Tier: 4

Weapons: AK-12, LIM-85, MX-SW

Weapons Magazines: 75 round AK-12 mags

Vehicles: Strider

Aerial Vehicles: Huron, Armed Huron, Mi-290 Taru (Bench), Mi-290 Taru (Transport)

Deputy Chief of Police

Duties: Advisers to the Chief, each responsible for a section of the APD.

Minimums: Appointed by the Chief.

Vest Tier: 5

Weapons: RPK-12

Vehicles: All

Chief Item: 6.5 Sound Suppressor

Chief of Police

Duties: The final say on all things APD.

Minimums: N/A

Vest Tier: 5

Weapons: All

Vehicles: All

Chief Item: 6.5 Sound Suppressor

APD Map Locations

Kavala HQ

The HQ overlooked by massive castle ruins.

Air HQ

The staging point for the APD during federal reserve robberies.

Pyrgos HQ

The staging point for APD during bank robberies and jail breaks.

Athira HQ

The most mediocre HQ on the map.

Neochori HQ

The closest HQ to the war zone.

Blackwater Outpost

The staging point for APD during Blackwater Armory robberies.

Sofia HQ

This HQ is the furthest North compared to all other HQs.

Additional Information

1. Pledge, APD Application

2. APD Ticket Guide