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"The APD is meant to be a peacekeeping force that focuses on eliminating criminal activity while promoting comradery within it's ranks."

APD Information

APD Overview

What is the APD?

The APD is a whitelisted faction that operates as a peacekeeping force that enforces the laws of Altis and seeks to assist the civilian population. The key responsibilities of being an APD Officer are to uphold and enforce the law.

The APD is also responsible for protecting the Federal Reserve, Blackwater Armory, and the Altis Penitentiary. The APD is obligated to respond to these Federal Events if civilians attempt to break into them to ensure the high value items do not fall into rebel hands.

The APD consists of a ranking structure that Officers can progress through, all of which come with additional equipment, powers and duties.

Applying to the APD

Do you want to join the ranks of the APD? If you think you have what it takes to be an APD Officer, please read the following information.

The minimum requirements to become an APD Officer:

  • 16+ years of age (age exceptions are handled on a case by case basis)
  • 30 hours on Olympus
  • No bans within the last 14 days
  • Know and understand the rules and be capable of passing an APD Deputy Test

If you think you have what it takes to be an APD Officer, please go to the Olympus Website, select support, and submit an APD Application

For further information regarding applying to the APD, please read the following post

Please read through the following documents in preparation for your APD Deputy Test.

Patrol Officers of the Week

5 Patrol officers are recognized every week for managing to achieve the highest in-game playtime out of all Patrol Officers on the APD. The Patrol officers will be rewarded with in-game rewards and a Teamspeak tag recognizing their achievements.

How is the POTW selected?

Patrol Officers with 7+ days TIG that manage to achieve the top 5 playtime for Patrol Officers within the week will receive in-game rewards. The Patrol Officers will be able to utilize the rewards whilst playing cop.

The following factors are taken into consideration when selecting the POTW:

  • Manage to achieve the top 5 playtimes for Patrol Officers within the week
  • 7+ days TIG as a Patrol Officer


Patrol officers of the week will be permitted to use Corporal level gear for the duration of the week. This gear includes:

  • The top 5 Patrol Officers will be able to utilize the Corporal Carrier Lite in-game.
  • The Top Patrol Officer will be able to utilize the Corporal Carrier Lite and select a weapon of their choice from the Corporal Shop.
  • A TeamSpeak tag in recognition of the achievement (Patrol Officer of the Week).

All rewards may be utilized in-game by the Patrol Officers of the week from the Sunday they appear on the Top APD Times Post until the following Sunday at 00:00 EST.

  • Failure to dispose of the gear prior to this time may result in your cop inventories being wiped by SAPD.

Corporal of the Month

Corporal of the Month Certificate signed by Chief of Police Winters

A corporal is recognized every month for the exemplary demonstration of their duties. The corporal will be rewarded with the Teamspeak tag “Corporal of the Month” (COTM), a forum post recognizing their achievements, and access to staff sergeant gear for the month.

How is the COTM selected?

SAPD will reward a corporal each month, who performs their duties in an exemplary manner. Corporal of the Month is intended to award officers. While also providing an additional incentive to those who strive to achieve.

The following factors are taken into consideration when selecting the COTM:

  • In-game activity
  • Amount of trainings (only applicable to FTOs)
  • Demonstrating leadership
  • Playing with a diverse range of APD officers
  • Mentoring newer APD officers
  • Role-playing
  • No disciplinary action within the last month


The Corporal of the Month will be permitted to utilize a staff sergeant whitelist for the month. This gear includes:

  • 7.62mm loading weapons, LMG magazines, 9mm/.45 ACP suppressors.
  • Tier 4 Helmets
  • The ability to buy and deploy armored Hunters.

The COTM will also receive a TeamSpeak 3 icon, labelled “Corporal of the Month,” for the month. The COTM will also be recognized for their hard work on the forums by SAPD, and will be issued a certificate signed by the Chief of Police.


While the COTM will be whitelisted as a staff sergeant, they cannot utilize the powers of a staff sergeant. For example, the COTM cannot:

  • Enter rebels via APD dispatch from a civilian
  • Use undercover vehicles for patrol

All rewards may be utilized in-game by the Corporal of the Month from the point they are issued their Staff SGT whitelist until the 1st of the following month.

  • Failure to dispose of the gear prior to this time may result in your cop inventory being wiped by SAPD.

Field Training Officer (FTO)

The Field Training Officer or “FTO” system is a way for deserving Corporals to be recognized for their accomplishments and determination to the APD, while being allowed to contribute to the APD on a broader scale than previously possible. These officers will be selected from Corporals applying for the position. While holding the position, they are expected to execute actions to fulfill their responsibilities including: training deputies, mentoring new APD members, and helping to prepare subordinates for tests by answering questions. Keep in mind an FTO can be relieved of his/her duties at any time, for any reason. Should this occur, the officer in question would normally return to the rank of Corporal.


  • Must have 30 days time in grade
  • Made have a minimum of 333 hours, or 20000 minutes, of in-game time on cop
  • Must be an active Corporal who is listed on the Chain of Command
  • Must not have any disciplinary issues within the last 3 months
  • Must submit an application titled “FTO Application” into the APD application section of the forums


  • Any corporal who meets the above requirements may apply for FTO
  • The Chief of Police will review each application after input is given by other Senior APD members where he will then accept or deny the application
  • If accepted, a verbal interview will be given by a Deputy Chief or higher to determine if the applicant would be a good fit for the role. This should be treated like a real-life interview.
  • After passing the interview, the new FTO will be given the tools necessary to start conducting APD trainings, and will be explained their new requirements.


  • Will be looked into as a viable leader in the APD, especially when seeking candidates for future senior positions.
  • A new method of proving yourself to Senior APD. FTO training statistics showcase how a FTO may handle future sAPD work.
  • A shiny star next to their name in TeamSpeak and a bold name on the Chain of Command.
  • Ability to issue cross server redeployments.
  • Access to sAPD-made training checklists.

FTO Usage Specifics

  • Senior APD use FTOs to train newly tested deputies, and/or officers that need to be retrained or had training postponed.
  • These training sessions should be proctored by the Seniors, to make sure that they are done with utmost efficiency and accuracy.
  • An action report must be submitted by the FTO involved in the training session. This then must be signed off by a Senior APD member on scene/who authorized the training so that can verify the session occurred.
  • After an unspecified number of training sessions, an FTO will be validated on his ability to train by a Lieutenant or higher on his next training session. This Senior APD member will then decide whether or not to sign off the given FTO.
  • Once an FTO is validated to conduct their own training sessions, the FTO will only need approval from the Senior APD Member Authorizing the training session.

Undercover Officers

Corporals may utilize the APD undercover system with a maximum of 3 APD undercover officers that can conduct operations at a time, and have access to civilian vehicles.

What is the Undercover System?

Corporals can go undercover on the Island of Altis. As undercover officers, they have the ability to disguise themselves as civilians to conduct covert operations and assist uniformed APD officers. Undercover officers must follow the APD Handbook and also have additional rules they have to follow. These rules can be found here.

Undercover APD Officers will have their name tags appear white, identical to a civilian's until they choose to reveal their identity. They may also disclose their undercover status by showing their badge to a civilian without their name tag changing in appearance. Any undercover APD officers must reveal their identity before initiating on any civilians.


APD Officers have many ways of receiving income while on duty they can give tickets, arrest people, seize vehicles, items, and gear, and when they lethal someone. If you want to test numbers and see how much money you should get for different situations you can use the following calculator to get a better understanding of how cops are paid. Make a copy of the sheet to start testing different things.

APD Calculator

Rank Reduction

Below are the rank reductions used when receiving pay while on cop. These reductions apply at the end of any payouts you may receive.

Rank Reduction
Deputy 45%
Patrol Officer 25%
Corporal 15%
Staff Sergeant + 5%

Seizing Items

When seizing items, the same formula is used when seizing gear as well. A 5 second seize animation will occur when any officer attempts to seize items off of the ground or out of a player’s Y Inventory. Any officers within a 150m radius will split evenly the total amount of the items seize value, and if you have a seize bonus for an illegal drug it would get applied to your split then your rank reduction would be applied. Weapon seize value is 10% of weapon value.
(Example: Say you seize 50 gold bars for a total of $1,726,550, and there are 5 cops in the area you would split the total by 5 which would be $345,310 that is your cut of the money since gold bars don't count as an illegal drug no bonus will be applied. So you have $345,310, and you are a deputy you would get a 45% reduction which means your payout would be $155,390)

Seizing Vehicles

The price when seizing a vehicle is 30% of the vehicle's buy price which is then split between all officers in a 150m radius after that split the rank reduction is applied.
(Example: For this, we will use a Tempest Device. The cost of the Tempest Device is $425,000 and seizing officers get 30% of the cost which would be $127,500. There are 5 officers around which means each officers split is $25,500, and you are a deputy which means you would get $11,475 for seizing the Tempest Device)

Paying a Ticket

When someone pays their ticket the bounty amount is split between any officer in a 150m radius up to a maximum of $5,000,000 then off of that split the officer's rank reduction is applied.
(Example: You send someone a ticket for $200,000 and there are 5 cops in the area your split would be $40,000 and you are a deputy so your true cut will be $18,000)

Sending to Jail

When sending someone to jail, there are a few things that can determine how much money an officer will receive. If there is only one officer they will receive 22% of the total bounty, if there are 2 officers, they will split 50% of the total bounty, if there are 3 or more officers they will split 75% of the total bounty. After the split, the officer's rank reduction is applied.
(Example: Let's use the above example, instead of paying the ticket you send them to jail for $200,000 If you are alone and a deputy you will receive $19,800. Say you give the ticket and another officer is in range (100m) you would get 50% of the total bounty and that is split between the two of you and you would receive $22,500. Now there are 5 officers around, you give the same ticket you will split 75% of that $200k your cut as a deputy would be $13,500)

Lethal Pay

The payout for APD Officers when someone was Killed not using a Ghosthawk or Armed plane works like this, if you are the officer who got the kill, you will receive the bounty divided by two times your rank reduction. If you kill, someone with other officers around they will receive the bounty divided by four divided by the number of officers in a 150m radius times your rank reduction with a cap of $50,000 anything you would get over that limit is returned to the person who got the kill, their cap is $400,000.

Payout for APD Officers who kill someone using a Ghosthawk or Armed plane work as follows: You would take the bounty and divide it by two which is split between the Gunner and the Pilot then multiply that by your rank reduction. If you are operating in the Warzone or Airdrop other than a narco airdrop they civilian must have a bounty greater than $100,000 or you will not receive anything for killing the civilian. The Pilot and gunner are capped at $200,000. If the armed vehicle does not have a pilot the gunner is capped out and $300,000.

APD Warrants

Warrants are accessible by APD Corporal+:

  • Civilians with a bounty price over $750K are eligible for a warrant.
  • Civilians are notified of the rank and officer that has been issued their warrant.


  • Warrants are initiated at an NPC Officer located in Police HQs.
  • Warrants last 30 minutes.
  • Warrants have a cooldown of 30 minutes upon completion or evasion of the individual. Example: A player evades the bounty in Warzone, Warrant officer must wait 30 minutes to get the same warrant again once the warrant expires.
  • Maximum of two active warrants at a time with a cool down of 30 minutes upon completion.
  • Warrant Officers are given a 3KM radius where the suspect is located.
  • This radius can be updated with Shift+E and must be within the blue zone.
  • Officers can only update this area once every 2 minutes.
  • This can be rebound in the keybinds menu.

Warrants can be canceled by utilizing a Warrant Jammer Found at Rebel:

  • $50,000
  • 1 Weight

Warrant engagement rules

  • Anyone who has a warrant may shoot cops on-sight, unless the APD are fired upon first then they must use normal engagement rules.
  • Group/tagged members with the person who has an active warrant must engage normally, unless the person who has the warrant fires upon the APD first.

Do warrants grant Probable Cause?

  • Warrants do not give probable cause to search an area before the 15 minutes if a red zone has already been checked. However, it does give probable cause to enter warzone when it is extremely probable that an active Warrant suspect is in Warzone due to where the zone lands following standard Warzone raiding rules.

Legal Processor Defense

What is it?

  • While a civilian is at a processor with their vehicle the APD will have the option to start a defense that acts as protection for the civilian. The APD must defend the area from rebels in order to receive their payout.

How it works

  • There must be at least one civilian with a vehicle within 25 meters of the processor in order for an APD member to scroll the wheel and activate the defense. The player that activates the defense must remain alive until the timer ends to receive payment that is split among the officers.
  • The timer for the defense increases with the number of vehicles the civilians have. Every vehicle adds 5 minutes to the timer with a maximum of 15 minutes.
  • After the APD receives their payment, they will not be able to restart the processor defense for 30 minutes regardless if the civilian is still there.


  • The total price per civilian vehicle is added and divided by the officers.
    • SUV - $35k
    • Van - $50k split
    • Truck Boxer - $62.5k
    • Zamak - $75k
    • Tempest Device+ - $100k

Automatic Number Plate Recognition

What is it?

  • ANPR allows APD and Vandalized vehicles the ability to read the vehicles license plate and help the APD determine if a ground vehicle is speeding or if an ariel vehicle is flying too low.

How to use it

  • Activated when using the default keybind “J”

Speed and Altitude indicators

  • Speed indicators:
    • Speed between 0-75 Km/h (not speeding) is green.
    • Speed between 75-125 Km/h (outside city limits/backroads) is orange.
    • Speed above 125 Km/h (outside city limits/highway) is red.
  • Altitude indicators:
    • Altitude above 150 meters is green.
    • Altitude below 150 meters is red.


  • caption
    Description: Entry level APD officer, learning the rules and procedures of the APD.
    Minimums: 1,800 civilian minutes
    Item Sieze Pay: 55%
    Vehicles Offroad (Deputy Wagon), Offroad (Comms), Offroad Covered, MB 4WD (Unarmed), SUV
    Weapons: Zubr .45, .45 ACP, P07 9mm, Sting 9mm.
    Aerial Vehicles: N/A
    Max Vest Tier: II
    Weekly Requirements: 1 Hour
  • caption
    Patrol Officer (PO)
    Description: Conducts illegal area patrols and mentors deputies.
    Minimums: 1,200 minutes and 7 days time in grade.
    Item Sieze Pay: 75%
    Vehicles Quad Bike, Hatchback (Sport), Van (Cargo), Van (Transport)
    Weapons: MX, MXC, SDAR, SPAR-16, Mk20, CMR-76
    Aerial Vehicles: Hummingbird
    Max Vest Tier: II
    Weekly Requirements: 2 Hour
  • caption
    Description: Leader among the lower ranks, first lethal loading officer. *FTO is a role given to select corporals to train APD officers.
    Minimums: Minimum of 10,000 minutes and 30 days time in grade, based on recommendations.
    Item Sieze Pay: 85%
    Vehicles Qilin, Prowler, Armed Jeep
    Weapons: Promet, MX GL, Promet GL, Kozlice 12G, SPAR-16 GL, SPAR-16S, Promet MR, MXM, ADR-97, Mk20GL
    Aerial Vehicles: Hellcat, Hummingbird, Caesar, Orca
    Max Vest Tier: III
    Weekly Requirements: 3 Hour
  • caption
    Staff Sgt.
    Description: Similar responsibilities as a Corporal, with better equipment.
    Minimums: Given to select Olympus Staff members as well as former SrAPD
    Item Sieze Pay: 95%
    Vehicles Hunter
    Weapons: AKU-12, AK-12 GL, SPAR-17, Mk-1, Mk18 ABR, Vermin .45, 9mm Suppressor, .45 ACP Suppressor
    Aerial Vehicles: Orca, Hellcat Bench, Hellcat (Unarmed), Hummingbird, Caesar
    Max Vest Tier: III
    Weekly Requirements: Exempt
  • caption
    Description: Interviews new applicants, handles everyday issues.
    Minimums: Selected by the Chief and Senior APD.
    Item Sieze Pay: 95%
    Vehicles Hunter
    Weapons: AKU-12, AK-12 GL, SPAR-17, Mk-1, Mk18 ABR, Vermin .45, 9mm Suppressor, .45 ACP Suppressor
    Aerial Vehicles: Huron (Unarmed), Orca, Armed Ghosthawk, Armed Caesar, Mi-290 Taru
    Max Vest Tier: IV
    Weekly Requirements: 3 Hours
  • caption
    Description: Accepts applications and handles moderate to severe issues.
    Minimums: Appointed by the Chief and Deputy Chiefs.
    Item Sieze Pay: 95%
    Vehicles Strider
    Weapons: AK-12, LIM-85, MX-SW, Mar-10
    Aerial Vehicles: Armed Huron, Mi-290 Taru (Bench), Mi-290 Taru (Transport
    Max Vest Tier: IV
    Weekly Requirements: 3 Hours
  • caption
    Description: Advisers to the dep Chief, each responsible for a section of the APD.
    Minimums: Appointed by the Chief and Dep Chief.
    Item Sieze Pay: 95%
    Vehicles All APD Vehicles
    Weapons: RPK-12
    Max Vest Tier: IV
    Weekly Requirements: 3 Hours
  • caption
    Deputy Chief of Police
    Description: Advisers to the Chief, each responsible for a section of the APD.
    Minimums: Appointed by the Chief.
    Item Sieze Pay: 95%
    Vehicles All APD Vehicles
    Weapons: RPK-12
    Max Vest Tier: V
    Weekly Requirements: 3 Hours
    Chief Items: 7.62 Sound Suppressor and below for Deputy Chief+
  • caption
    Chief of Police
    Current Chief of Police: Chief Winters
    Description: Commanding Officer, Final say on all things APD.
    Item Sieze Pay: 95%
    Vehicles All APD Vehicles
    Weapons: All APD Weapons
    Max Vest Tier: V
    Weekly Requirements: 3 Hours
    Chief Item: 7.62 Sound Suppressor and below for Deputy Chief+

APD Map Locations

Kavala HQ

The HQ overlooked by massive castle ruins with the goddess statue in the distance.

Air HQ

The staging point for the APD during federal reserve robberies.

Pyrgos HQ

The staging point for APD during jailbreaks.

Athira HQ

The most mediocre HQ on the map.

Neochori HQ

The closest HQ to the war zone.

Blackwater Outpost

The staging point for APD during Blackwater Armory robberies.

Sofia HQ

This HQ is the furthest North compared to all other HQs.