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There are certain controls that are exlusive to the Olympus servers. Many of these key-binds must be used to play on the server. Others are optional but provide extra efficiency in some game tasks.


  • Key or Button Action
    1 Wanted List
    2 Cellphone
    4 APD stolen vehicles / R&R dispatch response
    U Lock or unlock vehicle or house doors
    F APD & R&R Primary Sirens
    Shift + F APD & R&R Secondary Sirens
    Left Shift + L APD & R&R Lights
    Left Shift + T Nutcracker
    Left Shift + O Earplugs
    T Vehicle or house inventory
    Left Shift + R APD Restrain
    Tab Surrender or unsurrender (hands Up)
    R Reload weapon
    F Change gun firing mode
    H Holster or unholster gun
    Action Key 9 Mark vehicle as persistent
    Action Key 10 Windows key rebind
    Action Key 11 Use redgull
    Action Key 12 Earplugs
    Action Key 14 APD lethal toggle
    Action Key 15 R&R road kit / APD spike strip
    Action Key 16 R&R repair object
    Action Key 17 APD use bait car remote
    Action Key 18 Autorun
    Action Key 19 Use bloodbag
    Action Key 20 Use heroin
    Left Windows Key Main interaction key1

1. The Windows Key is the main interaction key on the server. It is used for picking up items and money, interacting with vehicles, and interacting with other players.