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"AHK is not counted as a custom control, fuck off already."


There are certain controls and settings that are exclusive to the Olympus servers. Many of these key-binds must be used to play on the server. Others are optional but provide extra efficiency in some game tasks.

Faction-Wide Keys/Actions

Left Windows Key: Main Interaction Key for Altis Life functions. Used for picking up briefcase items/money, interacting with vehicles/people, using ATMs, accessing houses/gang sheds, etc. (Restrain Menus on APD/Vigi) (Revive Players and Send Invoice on R&R)

1: Wanted List

2: Cell Phone

3: Player Inventory

R: Reload Weapon

T: Vehicle Trunk / House Inventory

U: Unlock/Lock Car Doors and House Doors

B: Set Cruise Control

I: ArmA Inventory

F: Switch Weapon Fire Mode

G: Throw Throwable Item

H: Holster Weapon

L: Turn On Vehicle Lights or Weapon Laser/Light

Semicolon (;) : Swap Weapon

N: Toggle Night Vision (if equipped)

~: Show Group Member Names Under Hex Icons

TAB: Surrender and Place Hands Up

SHIFT+O: Earplugs

2xCTRL: Lower Weapon

2xC: Combat Stance

CTRL + ALT + K: Give Keys of Mounted Vehicle to Group Members

F5: Timer

Action Key 5: FAK+

Action Key 7: Fast Terrain

Action Key 8: Toggle Conquest HUD Mode

Action Key 9: Mark Vehicle as Persistent (Prevents despawn script from despawning your vehicle randomly

Action Key 10: Windows Key Rebind (see Left Windows Key above)

Action Key 11: Redgull/Coffee/Lollipop/Cupcake

Action Key 12: Earplugs

Action Key 18: Autorun

Action Key 19: Bloodbag

Action Key 20: Use Heroin



/: Text Talk

Comma (,): Change communication

Period (.): Change Communication

Raise Player Volume: ESC > Configure > Audio > VON

Faction-Wide Animations/Emotes

SHIFT+5: Slow Teabag

SHIFT+6: Teabag

SHIFT+7: Pushups

SHIFT+8: Karate

SHIFT+9: Pee

SHIFT+0: Dance 1 (Donator)

SHIFT+-: Dance 2 (Donator)

SHIFT+T: Nutcracker


SHIFT+NUMPAD 4: Take Point






SHIFT+F7: Texture Bug Fix

Apostrophe ('): Sit Down

Chat Commands

“;help”: Display Available Commands

“;ejoin”: Join Staff Event

“;eleave”: Leave Staff Event

“;players”: Check Online Player Count

“;r”: Reply to Last Message

";dr": Reply to Last Dispatch Sent to You

“;sr”: Reply to Last Support Team Dispatch

";disputes": Open Dispute Menu

";filedispute": Opens a New Dispute

";vote": Opens Voting Menu for Conquest

APD Keys/Actions

4: Stolen Vehicles List

F: Primary Siren

O: Open Bar Gates

L: Cop Radar

SHIFT+F: Secondary Siren


SHIFT+R: APD Handcuff Restrain

Action Key 14: Toggle Lethal Rounds

Action Key 15: Deploy Spike Strips

Action Key 17: Activate Bait Car Remote

R&R Keys/Actions

4: R&R EMS Dispatch System

F: Primary Siren

O: Open Bar Gates

SHIFT+F: Secondary Siren

SHIFT+L: R&R Lights

Action Key 15: Deploy R&R Road Signage Kit

Action Key 16: Repair Object/Walls (must have Repair Kit)

'Y' Menu Settings

View Distance: Here you can edit your view for each mode of transportation.

Player Tags: Controls whether or not players will have name tags above their head.

NPC Tags: Toggles NPC tags.

NPC Names: Toggles NPC names.

Sidechat Settings: Toggles sidechat visibility.

Reveal Nearest Objects: Automatically reveals nearest objects. May increase performance if disabled.

Ambient Life and Sounds: Toggles turtles, snakes, rabbits, ambient sounds. May provide a small performance increase if disabled.

Hexagon Icon: Here you can change your Hex Icon and color. You can buy hex icons on the Olympus forums.

Terrain/Gras Detail: Can edit how much grass is rendered in.

Map Decor Settings: Can edit how many decorative items are rendered when joining the server.

Map Auto Zoom/Lock: Toggles the auto-zoom and jumping to player icon when opening the map.

New Player Hints: Toggles new player hints.

Vehicle Animations: Toggles vehicle animations when locking/unlocking. (Only Works for certain vehicles)

Lottery Notifications: Will display notifications about lotteries.

Disable Betting: Allows you to toggle if bets from other players will pop up for you.

Enable Death Messages: Toggles death messages after 500 deaths.

Gang Talk Settings: Toggles gang chat visibility.

Ear Plugs Settings: This allows you to set two custom levels or ear plugs.

FAK+ Scroll Action: This allows you to use the scroll wheel for the first aid kit+.

Legacy Hints: This allows you to toggle the legacy ints if you don’t like the notifications system.

Olympus Plus Icon: Toggles the icon given for Olympus Plus members.

Kill Confirm Toggle: Toggles a kill/Tase confirm notification.

Local Snow: Toggles Snow On/Off. (Seasonal Only)

Holiday Music: Toggles Holiday Music On/Off. (Seasonal Only)

Gang War Invites: Toggles incoming gang war invites.

Bright Night: Toggles bright nights. (Takes a few seconds to adjust)

Bottom Progress Bars: Puts progress bars on the bottom of the UI.

Custom Keybind Menu

A variety of personal key-binds can be set via the key-bind menu within the phone settings tab. You can open this menu by pressing Y > Settings > Keybind Menu.

  • Each action supports multiple keybinds by pressing “Add New Binding”.
  • You can manage sensitivity to Shift, Alt, and Control per-binding with “Ignore Modifier”.
  • You can change an existing keybind with “Edit Binding”.
  • To delete a keybind, select it and press “Delete Binding”.
  • If you want to reset all the keybinds in this menu to its original state, with your pre-existing Custom Actions and default Olympus keybinds, press “Defaults”.