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Olympus+ is a subscription service to help pay for our server maintenance, upkeep, and paying our development team. We're introducing Olympus+ with a slew of perks that will stand as a foundation as we introduce more cosmetics and improvements to it with time.

VR Red.
VR Blue.

In-game rewards

  • Unlock the ability to request an airdrop at the rebel outposts
    • Access to 1 Gear Airdrop and 1 Vehicle Airdrop per month
    • Must be a minimum of 60 players on the server to call an airdrop
  • Get access to weapon/attachment skins at the $30 and $50 dollar donation tiers
  • Gain access to unique finishes
  • Gain access to suits
  • Special in-game titles that signify how long you've been subscribed
    • 1-month, 3-month, 6-month,1 year, etc
  • Unlock the ability to name vehicles and add custom number plates
  • Vehicle name will be displayed when said vehicle is impounded/seized
  • Custom number plates can be added to select civilian vehicles (hatchback, offroad, jeep and SUV)
  • Unlock five additional loadout slots
  • Access to three additional hex icons for each month of your subscription
  • Unlock new textures for all factions

Stats Page rewards

  • Allow players to check recent messages
  • Allow players to view details about their own houses/inventory within the houses.
  • Add ability to "Bookmark" profiles
  • Advanced Stats view

Forums and Teamspeak

  • Get a TeamSpeak tag that correlates to the length of your current subscription
  • Gain access to a new forums tag and unlock more forums reactions