APD Internal Affairs

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"Kiss your rank goodbye kid."

Please use this section to report ALL issues against APD members. It does not matter if it is a server rule or APD Handbook violation, each report will be dealt with accordingly by SAPD and Staff.

If you must fill out a report regarding a matter then use the following information to do so.

APD Internal Affairs

To correctly put in an APD Internal Affair report please follow the steps below:

  • Click "Support" in the bar at the top
  • Click on "New Request" on the right hand side then choose "APD Internal Affairs" in the department.
  • Fill in all info regarding the incident.
  • Be sure to include any proof such as links to screenshots or videos regarding the situation.
  • Keep in mind that almost all videos require at least 5 minutes showing the whole situation

Senior APD Reports

  • If you feel a Senior APD member is overstepping their bounds regarding rules or breaking rules then you may send the Chief of Police or the Owner a PM here on the Olympus Forums.
  • Be sure to include all information such as Server, Date, Time, Videos, etc.
  • Bear in mind they will review the situation and talk to the senior after-hand if it warrants doing so.

APD Disciplinary Appeals

  • An appeal should be made within a week of the disciplinary action being issued. (Excludes blacklist appeal)
  • An appeal must be made after talking with the Senior APD member that dealt with your case.
  • Submit an appeal as you would with an APD Application.
  • Next click on "New Request" on the right side then choose "APD Application" in the department.
  • Fill in all the proper info and then click submit.
  • A Senior APD officer of higher rank than the senior who dealt with your case will respond to the ticket.