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Houses are important assets on the server. Houses allow players to store virtual and physical inventory items, which is useful for doing runs or storing stolen items.

Once someone buys a house of any sort, they will have the option to give temporary keys to other players. Temporary keys can be shared through the keys app of the "y" menu. Temporary keys only grant access to a house's virtual inventory, not the physical inventory. If a homeowner looks at their house and presses the Windows key, they'll receive the option to share permanent keys with other players. Permanent keys allow players to access a house, even if the owner isn't connected to the server. Homeowners can share a maximum of 20 permanent keys.

House owners also have the choice to upgrade the virtual and physical storage capacity of most houses. The prices and amounts of storage upgrades are covered below. Upgrades do not affect tax rates.

Similar to gang sheds, houses can be raided by the Altis Police Department if they gain probable cause to do so. Both the homeowner and key-holders can provide probable cause for a house to be searched.


If the owner of a house fails to access the house or refresh that house's dead every 45 days, they will lose ownership of that house. If you aim at your house and press the windows key, the menu for that house will appear. You'll see an option to refresh the deed there.

If you own a house and decide to list it on the market for sale, remember that houses will still expire after 45 days even when listed on the market.

Every time a house deed is refreshed, the player will pay a tax on that house. The tax rate for a house will fall between 10 and 40 percent of the house's value. That value is based on multiple factors such as original cost of a house, size of the house, and the house's distance from various high value areas. For some map locations, the tax-affected area may be small and the value of land decreases quickly as the distance from that location increases. For those most-valued interest points on the map, the tax-affected area may be much larger and the value of land decreases slowly as the distance from that location increases.


When a player wants to sell a property, they have the choice of either (1) selling the house to the bank for 50% of the initial purchase price plus a small percentage of the purchased upgrades or (2) listing the house on the market for a price of their choosing. When a player lists their house for sale on the market, they will be charged the greater of the following: $75,000 or 5% of the listing price.

When players pay for the house to be listed on the market, that house will appear for those who use the realtor to search for houses. Houses cannot be bought and sold from the realtor. Players must travel to the house location to interact with that property.

Names & Pictures

Costs & Upgrades

Crates Name Starting Price Physical Storage Upgrades Physical Upgrade Cost Per Tier Virtual Storage Upgrades Virtual Upgrade Cost Per Tier
0 Stone House (Small) $450,000 100 N/A 100 N/A
0 House Addon $450,000 100 N/A 100 N/A
0 Garage $500,000 100 N/A 100 N/A
1 Stone House $750,000 100 > 300 $200,000 100 > 800 $112,500
2 House (Small) $1,000,500 100 > 300 > 500 $200,000 100 > 800 > 1,500 $150,075
2 House $1,050,000 100 > 300 > 500 $200,000 100 > 800 > 1,500 $157,500
3 Bungalow $1,250,000 100 > 300 > 500 > 700 $200,000 100 > 800 > 1,500 > 2,200 $187,500
3 House (Big) $1,550,000 100 > 300 > 500 > 700 $200,000 100 > 800 > 1,500 > 2,200 $232,500
4 House (Large) $2,200,000 100 > 300 > 500 > 700 > 900 $200,000 100 > 800 > 1,500 > 2,200 > 2,900 $330,000

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