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"It's not the rebels that make the trouble, but trouble that makes rebels."
Ambi (The Real One)

What is Rebel Life?

The rebel license is the gateway to the Olympus endgame. The $75,000 cost of the rebel license grants players access to an arsenal of rifles, explosives, armored vehicles, armed vehicles, trucks, helicopters, and the armed plane. This new level of access gives players the edge they might need to face other rebels and more efficiently fight the Altis Police Department.

Many gangs on the server require their members to have a rebel license. It is the single most important civilian license on the island.

Becoming a Rebel

Becoming a rebel is relatively easy. The license can be purchased at any rebel outpost on the map. If you want to buy a license, you'll need to:

  1. Locate a rebel outpost.
  2. Travel to the rebel outpost.
  3. Enter the "buy-hut".
  4. Look at one of the NPCs inside.
  5. Use your scroll wheel to unhide the menu.
  6. Click "buy rebel license."

What Do Rebels Have Access To?

  • A list of the weapons available at a rebel outpost can be found on the Firearms, Weapons, and Accessories page under the "Rebel Outpost Firearms" section.
  • A showcase of illegal rebel vehicles can be found on the Civilian Vehicles page under the "Illegal Ground Vehicles" and "Illegal Aerial Vehicles" sections.

Rebel Outpost Locations