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Certain vehicles can only be bought with certain licenses. For example: the driver's license grants access to normal vehicles while the truck license grants access to larger vehicles that are more useful for big runs. Some guns are also locked behind a license such as vigilante tasers, which can only be purchased by those who have bought a vigilante license. The same goes for the rebel training license.

Additionally, certain tasks can only be completed with a certain license. Processing a legal or illegal run item requires the corresponding license. Legal licenses must be purchased at a DMV, which are located in major cities. Illegal licenses can be purchased at the processor for the item that you plan to process.


  • Civilian License Name (A-Z) Cost Purchase Location(s)
    Boating License $5,000 DMV
    Cement Mixing License $6,500 DMV
    Copper Processing License $8,000 DMV
    Diamond Processing License $35,000 DMV
    Diving License $3,000 DMV
    Driver License $10,000 DMV
    Firearm License $25,000 Gun Store
    Homeowner's License $100,000 DMV
    Iron Processing License $9,500 DMV
    Oil Processing License $10,000 DMV
    Pilot License $50,000 DMV
    Platinum Processing License $10,000 DMV
    Salt Processing License $12,000 DMV
    Sand Processing License $14,500 DMV
    Silver Processing License $9,000 DMV
    Truck License $20,000 DMV
    Vigilante License $60,000 Vigilante Outpost
    Worker's Protection License (WPL) $50,000 Gun Store
  • Rebel License Name (A-Z) Cost Purchase Location(s)
    Cocaine Processing $30,000 Cocaine Processor
    Crystal Meth Processing $55,000 Crystal Meth Processor
    Frog Processing $24,000 Frog Processor
    Heroin Processing $25,000 Heroin Processor
    Marijuana Processing $17,500 Weed Processor
    Moonshine Processing $54,000 Moonshine Processor
    Mushroom Processing $29,000 Mushroom Processor
    Rebel License $75,000 Rebel Outpost
  • APD License Name Cost Purchase Location(s)
    Coast Guard License $8,000 APD Boat Shop
    Pilot License $15,000 APD Air Shop
  • R&R License Name Cost Purchase Location(s)
    Medical Air License $15,000 R&R Air Shop
    Medical Coast Guard License $8,000 R&R Boat Shop
  • The cost of a vigilante license is $120,000 for players who already have a rebel license.