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One of the many illegal runs that you can do on the island of Altis is running Weed. Weed, or Cannabis, is one of the easiest illegal items to run when you are first becoming financially stable enough to be able to afford armaments to protect yourself and large enough vehicles in order to increase your profits.

Starting the Run

Before you begin, it is a good idea to check the market value of marijuana via the “Y” menu to ensure that nobody has sold weed recently to maximize your profits. It is also recommended that you bring at least 3 items of food and water to sustain yourself for the duration of the run. You will want to begin this criminal venture by purchasing or retrieving a truck from the truck shop located south-west of Kavala. From there it will only be a short drive to the weed field where you will gather the raw cannabis.


Upon arrival, look for a safe place to park your truck in the nearby grove of trees as the foliage will help protect your presence from would-be robbers or the APD. Once you are satisfied with your position you can commence harvesting using the windows key. Moving around while harvesting can increase collection time. Once you have collected the desired amount of cannabis, you may make your way to the weed processor either using the MSR (Main State Road) to save time or the steep mountains to conceal you during travel.


Processing Marijuana

At first glance, the weed processor looks incredibly treacherous to navigate with high rising hills surrounding the area giving enemies a vantage point, an urban settlement offering a concealed approach to the processor, and the processor building itself being surrounded by a slight incline. Not to worry, however, there are patches of tall elephant grass allowing for easy concealment of your vehicle, and leaving doors closed when not in use will prove useful in keeping unwanted attention away. Once you are settled in and feel you will be safe, you must now take your cannabis to the weed processor NPC located in the house. If it is your first time processing cannabis into marijuana then you will need to buy Weed Training ($17,500) in order to use the NPC. Be sure to sync your new training by hitting ESC. It will take a long time to process so be prepared to be vulnerable and keep your wits about you. Fortunately, there is a bonus for processing that will incrementally give you faster progress as you process more cannabis.


Processing Hash

After you finish processing you will notice that there is an option to “double process” your marijuana into Hash. This will take more time but you will have the same processing bonus bar from any bonus received for processing cannabis into hash. The hash will give you a significant increase in profit upon selling (x1.25 current price) so if you believe yourself prepared to double your processing time it will be well worth it.


After you are done processing it is best to leave the processor as quickly as possible and begin your way towards the Kavala drug dealer. Going through the city is ill-advised at best so you will want to go North on the MSR to avoid it entirely. Once you are within a reasonable distance it is also recommended that you try to scope the area out from a distance to ensure nobody is camping the dealer or already using it to sell drugs before you arrive. To interact with the drug dealer simply scroll wheel, double click the amount of drugs you have in your inventory to select all of the marijuana/hash in your inventory, and click sell. Once you are done deposit your money in the nearby ATM at the Turtle Dealer before carrying on.


The average payout for a weed run using a box truck and a bergen backpack (210 weed) is $231,842 for marijuana and $289,802 for hash. If your gang is in control of the cartel it will allow you to hold onto 15% more of the profits which is otherwise paid as gang tax to the controlling gang (cartel Price $266,618 and $333,272 respectively)

Run Time

Using a tier 4 box truck the run took 25 minutes and 16 seconds. The alternate route posted above will be 23 minutes. If one was to double process it would take 39 minutes.