Worker's Protection

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"I swear officer, it was self-defense!"
Lime (R&R Coordinator & Wiki Contributor)


Buying the Worker's Protection License is a great option for new players on the server. The WPL allows players who are doing legal runs to (1) receive a 15% buff when selling legal items and (2) legally use certain rifles that are illegal without this license.

You can buy a WPL at any gun store on the Island. Once you've purchased the license, you'll be able to legally buy the Vermin SMG, TRG-20, SPAR-16, and Katiba Carbine at any gun store. You'll also gain access to buying the RCO, MRCO, ARCO, and ERCO scopes at the gun stores.

You cannot have a vigilante license or rebel license if you purchase a WPL. If the APD finds you doing illegal activities with a WPL license, it can be revoked. If you are sent to jail with a WPL license, the license will automatically be revoked, and you'll have to repurchase the license.

Gun stores appear as a purple triangle on the map and are located in most major cities.