Altis Penitentiary

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"Enjoy jail."


Since the Altis Police Department is required to respond to the infiltration of the Altis Penitentiary, rebels usually purposely start this event to fight the APD and/or rescue their comrades from incarceration.

While In Jail

Immediately after being sent to jail the following licenses will be automatically seized: Firearm, Vigilante, Workers Protection, and Driver’s License. Any firearms or illegal items remaining on your person will be automatically seized as well. While in jail you’re able to pay your bail, collect contraband to turn in to decrease your time, or coordinate with your gang to stage a Jailbreak. To collect contraband, walk up to the trash piles and scroll wheel to collect; this will last around 60 seconds. Then turn in your contraband at the NPC named “James Bondsman,” this will reduce your timer by a minute. To pay your bail, walk up to the NPC James Bondsman and scroll wheel to pay bail, but if have any of the following charges, you’ll be unable to pay bail:

  • Escaping Jail
  • Robbery
  • Aiding in Jail Break
  • Aiding in Reserve Robbery
  • Aiding in Blackwater Robbery
  • Attempted Reserve Robbery
  • Attempted Jail Break
  • Attempted Blackwater Robbery
  • Kidnapping Government Official
  • Leo Manslaughter
  • Hostage Situation
  • Unlawful Taser Usage
  • NOTE: Exploiting out of jail is bannable! If attempted you’ll be automatically sent back into jail and any attempt to abuse or trick the server will result in administrative action*


In order to be eligible for parole the prisoner must have served 60% of their total jail sentence. The length of the parole will depend on the remaining jail sentence that you are released from. In order to leave the parole sentence early you will have the option to pay off the bail price you would have inside the jail at the nearest courthouse.

While under parole your location will be periodically shown to the APD. When a crime is committed on parole the APD will receive an updated location of the player one minute later. Players who are caught by the APD and sent to jail while on parole will have their jail sentencing extended by the remaining parole time and eligible for parole when they have spent 40% of their total time.

Starting The Jailbreak

You will need a blasting charge from a Rebel Outpost or Black Market to start a jailbreak. To plant to blasting charge, locate the prisoner visitation area and stand in front of the "Jail Break Wall" shown in the image below. Once there, open your inventory by pressing "y", click the blasting charge, and press "use". Unlike other events, there does not have to be APD officers online to place the blasting charge. For the blasting charge to be placed, there must only be two civilians nearby with a 5.56 caliber gun or above. The exterior doors of the Penitentiary are also able to be bolt cut. The charge will count down for 15 minutes before it explodes. During this time all available APD officers will be required to respond and attempt to prevent the jailbreak. If the event is started with less than 5 APD officers online, they will be exempt from following the wave rule. For more info about the APD response to the jail see the APD Handbook.

If you wish to hack the anti-air system at the jail, you'll also need to buy a hacking terminal. When the anti-air is operating normally, civilians will receive an anti-air warning when they enter the big ring; then, the civilians will be shot out of the sky by a heat-seeking missile if they enter the small center circle. Normally, the APD can enter the anti-air without being shot. If the anti-air is hacked, these roles reverse.

You will also need to be cautious as there are several gates throughout the compound that can be opened by any CPL+ to allow the APD further access to the facility to surround and flank the Rebels.

Once the bomb is blown, a cool-down of 40 minutes will begin until another robbery can be started. If the bomb is defused the cool-down will be 30 minutes. Until the entrance is repaired, neither the APD nor Vigilantes will be able to send prisoners to the penitentiary until it is repaired by either faction.

When you enter the rings of an active Jail you will be notified that the zone is KOS.