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One of the many legal runs you can do on the island of Altis are diamonds! It is a good way to make money and one that will keep you out of trouble with the cops. You can even get a bonus on selling it if you have a Worker’s Protection License. Worker’s Protection License.

Starting the Run

Before you begin, it is a good idea to check the market value of diamonds via the Y menu to ensure you are not doing this run when diamond is a low price to maximize profits. To begin this run you will need a pickaxe in your virtual inventory. You can purchase one at any market or gas station. Once you have made your way to the diamond mine marked on the map you can begin harvesting using the windows key. You can speed up the harvesting process by moving around. Once you have collected your desired amount of (name), you will need to process them to sell it.


Once you have made your way to the diamond processing marked on the map, you can begin processing by scroll wheeling on the device located inside the building. It takes a long time to process so be prepared as you can be very vulnerable. Once you have processed all your goods, you can make your way to the diamond trader.


After making your way to the diamond trader, you can sell your items. Make sure to deposit your money at the nearest atm before you begin any other activities.