Vehicle Upgrades

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"Tier 4 hummingbirds or nothing."


Service Stations

Before you purchase any vehicle, you will have the option to "Buy & Modify". This option will allow you to make upgrades to your vehicle without using a service station. If you've already purchased a vehicle, and would like to add upgrades to it, you'll need to visit a service station.

If you wish to upgrade a ground vehicle, drive into any air service station or truck service station. Either location will allow you to make upgrades to any ground vehicle that you own.

If you want to upgrade an aerial vehicle, you'll need to fly into an air service station. Click HERE to watch a short tutorial on the air service station.


This upgrade increases the acceleration of your vehicle. There are 4 tiers of turbo available in the vehicle upgrade menu. Each turbo tier will cost 5% of the vehicle's original purchase cost.


Take note that insurance cannot be purchased for illegal aerial vehicles such as the Ghosthawk and Blackfish. Since these vehicles are illegal, the APD can seize them. If your vehicle is seized, it will be removed from your garage completely.

If you purchase the first tier of insurance for a vehicle, that vehicle will reappear in your garage if it explodes. It will also reappear in your garage if it is chopped by a player. Although the tier 1 insurance replaces your vehicle, it will not replace any of the upgrades that were previously on the vehicle except for textures and finishes.

If you purchase the second tier of insurance for a vehicle, it will insure your vehicle just like the first vehicle. The only difference is that the upgrades will not be wiped.

Each tier of insurance will cost 40% of the original purchase cost of the vehicle.

If your vehicle is searched by the APD, and it has more than $500,000 of illegal items inside, it will be seized. If your vehicle is seized, it will be removed from your garage completely. If your vehicle is impounded, it will reappear in your garage.


The basic function of security upgrades is to increase the average amount of lock-picks a player must use to gain access to your vehicle. The higher level of security you buy, the more lock-picks someone will need to steal the keys. Additionally, any of the security upgrades will install an alarm that sounds any time a player attempts to pick the lock.

Each tier of security costs 10% of the original purchase price of the vehicle.

The highest level of security is the "tracked security system". This upgrade will cause the vehicle to be marked on your map at all times, in addition to the alarm and lock-picking prevention. If someone steals your vehicle, you'll be able to track its every moment unless the person uses a GPS jammer.


Trunk upgrades will increase the amount of virtual storage space a vehicle has. This is useful for vehicles that are used for runs since it allows you to store more items in the trunk.

Each trunk upgrade increases the vehicle's trunk space by 5%. For example, if the base storage space for a vehicle is 100, each trunk upgrade will add an additional 5 virtual units of space. Each trunk upgrade costs 12.5% of the vehicle's original purchase cost. Each vehicle's trunk capacity can be upgraded a total of 4 times.


Nitrous allows you to speed up. When you have nitrous to have 2 charges you can use it by clicking the up arrow. You can get it by going into a service station or installing it manually. Once you have stored your vehicle nitrous will be removed from it. Be sure to note that nitrous can not be installed onto trucks and blackwater vehicles.


Multiple finishes are available. Every vehicle has the option for a chrome, gold, and fade finish. Click HERE to watch a video example of vehicle finishes.

RVMATS are also available for donors.


Vehicle textures are also known as "skins". These textures are either in the game by default or are implemented by the Olympus design team.

Initially, the majority of textures are available to all players. Some textures are exclusively available to people like the staff team, donors, civilian council, APD and R&R, support team, and members of certain gangs who purchase gang skins.

Armed Plane

Unarmed Caesars BTT Racing can be upgraded to be armed planes for $1,500,000.


Naming Vehicles

Players who have donated 50 dollars or more to the server have the option to rename their vehicles in the garage menu. Vehicle names will be shown in side chat when vehicles are seized or impounded. Vehicle names will also transfer when they are claimed.

Transferring Vehicles

If you would like to transfer a vehicle to another play, you can do so through your garage menu. Legal vehicles are free to transfer, but illegal vehicles cost 10% of the vehicle's original purchase price to transfer.

Selling Vehicles

Selling vehicles can also be done through the garage menu. If you choose to sell a vehicle back to the server, you will receive 40% of the vehicle's original purchase price plus a small percentage of the value of the vehicle's upgrades.

Chopping & Claiming Vehicles

If you bring a player's vehicle to Chop Shop, you'll be able to sell it for the same 40% that they would be able to sell it to the server.

If their vehicle is illegal, you will have the choice to claim it. When you claim an illegal vehicle, it will be added to your garage. It will cost you 32% of the original vehicle's purchase price to claim it.

Note that APD hatchbacks can be claimed. When an APD hatchback is added to your garage, it will have the APD vandal skin. Click HERE to view the skin.

Seizing Vehicles

The APD may seize a vehicle if:

  1. The vehicle is illegal.
  2. The vehicle has $500,000 or more of illegal items inside of it.
  3. The vehicle is inside of the anti-air rings during an active federal or pseudo-federal event.

When a civilian's vehicle is seized, it disappears from the civilian's garage. Nearby APD officers will receive a split of about 33% of the vehicles worth. One exception to this is Blackwater vehicles. The armed prowler is seized for $3,000,000 while all other Blackwater vehicles are seized for $4,000,000.