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"Its back! Someone call taxi Marty."


The Taxi Service is something all civilian players can do if they wish to give other players a ride around the map. This is a great opportunity for players to learn the map and interact with the great people of Altis. Please make sure you have read the Altis Life Rules before embarking on your journey as a Taxi Driver!

Purchasing a Taxi License

If you want to become a taxi driver you can go to one of the taxi hubs in every major city. The license will cost $50,000 to obtain. You cannot own a Rebel or Vigilante license at the same time as a taxi license but you can have a WPL with a taxi license.


Being a Taxi Driver

Taxi drivers are allowed to send players invoices that are taxed by 10% and can send a max invoice of $999,999. You will also receive dispatches from players who are requesting a ride that will show up on your map.