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Monks (APD Corporal, Support Team)


Although conquest events are automatic, they can also be scheduled and conducted by event coordinators and/or members of the Olympus staff team. Conquest is a brand new challenge for cartel fighters and large gangs alike.

Each gang's basic goal at a conquest event is to hold as many of the three capture points for as long as possible.


When conquest is about to begin, the zone will show in a yellow color. The conquest event begins 10 minutes after the initial broadcast.

Additionally, after the initial broadcast, the time on the server is set to "day" and any rain or fog is cleared.

If you travel to the conquest rebel to gear-up for the event, you will have god-mode in the conquest rebel's safe zone until you shoot your weapon, leave the zone, or until 5 minutes pass. The conquest rebel safe zone extends 200 meters from the rebel marker in all directions. Once the conquest begins, anyone on the server that dies afterwards will have the option to spawn at the conquest rebel(s). Once you lose safe-zone protection, you can be shot and killed. Players that have this safe-zone protection will have a shield icon above their head.

To capture a conquest point: walk up to the flag pole, aim at the flag pole, use the scroll wheel to find the capture option, and then stay within 15m of the flag while capturing to complete the progress bar. It takes 45 seconds to capture a conquest point. Doing this will capture the point for the gang you're in.

When your gang owns a capture point, your gang will gain 5 conquest points per 5 seconds that it holds that capture point. Members of your gang can retrieve vehicles from the capture point's flag. There will always be three capture zones for each conquest map.

There is a 12 player gang/group cap during conquest. Groups with more than 12 people will not receive points until 5 minutes after the 13th player leaves.

The first gang that collects 3,000 conquest points, 1,000 points per each of the three capture points, will win the conquest event. The exception to this is on the warzone map where there is 5 capture points. A gang must collect 5,000 conquest points on this map to win.


The pot of reward money starts at $10,000,000.

When a player dies within the conquest zone, the value of their gear is added to the pot.

At the end of the event, the reward money is split between gangs proportional to scored points. For example, if one gang has 3,000 points and another gang has 1,000 points - the gang with 3,000 points is rewarded 75% of the total pot.

The 1st place gang's reward is then increased by 10%. 2nd place is increase by 5%. 3rd place is increased by 3%.

Additional money will be placed into the top 3 gangs' gang funds upon the end of a conquest. 1st place: $1,000,000 2nd place: $500,000 3rd place: $250,000

Conquest Maps