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"Eta on s3?"


Does your crew have what it takes to capture and hold the points of conquest? Looking for fast-paced, high-risk, high reward gameplay? This might be the event for you! Put your squad to the test against other gangs in an all-out battle and potentially be rewarded for your efforts. Team-based PVP at its finest!


Conquest is held during the week and on weekends as seen on the main calendar. The regularly scheduled events are held on Wednesday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday starting at 6pm EST. It is best to check the calendar for potential time/date changes as well as additional information including the map planned for that conquest.


Getting Started

You will only be given the option to spawn into the Megaquest Hub area if it is before the conquest begins. Here you can gear up and meet up with your team.

  • After the conquest begins, you will be given additional spawn point options when you load in.

Megaquest Hub is a timerless safe zone. It is a good idea to decide on your loadout and save it in a loadout slot for easier gearing in the future.

  • It is strongly recommended that you have a cheap kit and a more extravagant kit saved in loadout slots so you can switch up easily according to your playstyle. Loadout slots on each server are separate from one another.
  • Additionally, it is recommended that you pull and drive some type of armored vehicle to a capture point such as ifrit. Vehicles cannot be destroyed/chopped.
  • Players have infinite stamina while playing conquest, keep in mind that redgulls can increase your run speed once used.


Consist of a maximum of 10 players, typically in the same gang

  • Automatic payout only goes to all gang members that got a kill/death/capture. If you decide to make a group, you will need to arrange how you are going to split up the money afterward.
  • You get the payout based on the gang you were in for your first kill/death/capture. If you were not in the correct gang you cannot be compensated. However, if you were in the proper gang before your first kill/death/capture and do not get a payout you can submit a comp request for review.
    • It is highly recommended that you meet up with your team on server 3 prior to the start of conquest and have everyone join the same gang.

A penalty will occur for having more than 10 players on a team.

  • No points will be accrued for any team with more than ten players.
  • Additionally, no points can be collected for one minute after the excess players leave the group/gang/server.


Before the start of conquest, there will be a vote for the location of that round.

There will be a location vote before every subsequent round.

Your vote may be changed while voting is open.

Location is chosen by the majority vote.


Players will be notified on the server (15, 10, and 5 minutes) before conquest begins.

Rebel Outposts

Spawn locations for the conquest map

  • Safe Zones until:
    • Five minutes pass.
    • You fire a weapon, throw a grenade, place an explosive or use a vehicle smoke.

Not a Safe Zone if you drive to them instead of spawn.

NPCs for equipment, load-outs, and vehicles are available.

There is a sign for safe redeploy to a different location.

Capture Points

Each round will have 3 to 5 capture points

There is a flag on each point that you have to have at least one person to windows key or scroll wheel on to capture.

Stay and defend the captured point as you receive points towards winning based on how long you hold the point.

Respawn Timer Reduction

Players who have died within 50m of a flag will have a 15s respawn reduction

Players who have died over 50m and within 100m of a flag will have a 7.5s respawn reduction


Hot Zone

  • The team holding the hot zone capture point will receive 2x the points while it is a hot zone.

Air Drop

  • Special gear to assist you in capturing and holding points will drop in a crate.

SWAT Raids

  • The SWAT Team will seek out the capture point of the team currently leading in points to clear it.
  • Should the team leading in points lose all capture points SWAT will move on to the capture points held by the team with the next highest points.
  • Additional rules for SWAT can be found here


The team that gets to the predetermined amount of points first wins that round of conquest.

  • Points are based on 1,000 per Capture Point.
    • 3 Capture Points = 3,000 points needed to win.
    • 4 Capture Points = 4,000 points needed to win.
    • 5 Capture Points = 5,000 points needed to win.

Vehicle Pull Prices

Vehicles Price
Armed Offroad $650,000
Armed Prowler $750,000
Qilin Minigun $450,000
Armored Vehicles 3% of buy price
All other Vehicles 0.5% - 2% of buy price


Conquest has its own HUD with some special features. While overall it looks and operates the same as the Altis Life HUD it contains two special features. On the left side of your screen by default a scoreboard will show your gang’s score and the top three gangs’ scores. At the top middle of your screen, by default, a row of symbols relating to the Capture Points will appear. One for each point with its corresponding letter inside. The key is as follows:

For Rebels:

  • White Square, uncaptured point or cleared by SWAT
  • Red Square, capture point held by another team
  • Green Circle, capture point held by your team
  • White Triangle, Hot Zone incoming on the capture point
  • Red Triangle with skull, Hot Zone Active capture point held by another team
  • Green Triangle with skull, Hot Zone Active capture point held by your team


  • Red Square, Captured by gang in the lead
  • Orange Square, Captured by gang in second place
  • Blue Circle, Captured by SWAT or uncaptured


Conquest rewards are based on the number of points your team accumulates for the round as well as the total value of the pot at the end of the round.

The points accrued for capturing points translate into a percentage of the pot.

  • If there are 4000 total points accumulated by all teams, Team A has 3000 points and Team B has 1000 points. Team A gets 75% of the pot Team B gets 25%.

The Pot

  • The Pot starts at $30,000,000.
  • The value of a player’s gear at the time of their death is added to the pot.

Bonus Rewards

Payout percentage

  • 1st place gang, 10% bonus
  • 2nd place gang, 5% bonus
  • 3rd place gang, 3% bonus

Gang Funds

  • 1st place gang = $1,000,000
  • 2nd place gang = $500,000
  • 3rd place gang = $250,000

Altis Conquest Maps

Bozcaada Conquest Maps

Chernarus 2035 Conquest Maps

Chernarus Winter Conquest Maps

Malden Islands Conquest Maps

Malden Zones Conquest Maps

Sahrani Zones Conquest Maps

Stratis Zones Conquest Maps

Takistan Zones Conquest Maps

Tanoa Zones Conquest Maps

Kujari Zones Conquest Maps

Map Selection

A map is selected by a weighted random selection of maps.

The same map can not be picked twice within the same week.

The weights are based on popularity from the most recent poll.

Conquest Map Mods

Several Conquest maps require mods to be played. The mods needed for each map are as listed. You can find more information on the maps on the Optional Mods page.

Map Required Mods
Chernarus CUP Terrains - Core, Chernarus 2035
Winter Chernarus CUP Terrains - Core, Cup Terrains - Maps
Sahrani CUP Terrains - Core, Cup Terrains - Maps
Takistan CUP Terrains - Core, Cup Terrains - Maps
Kujari CUP Terrains - Core, Kujari
Bozcaada CUP Terrains - Core, Bozcaada
Malden Islands CUP Terrains - Core, CUP Terrains CWA, CUP Terrains Maps, Malden Islands

Conquest Mission Download Instructions

If you don't want to wait for the mission file to download in-game, you can download them all from google drive manually.

  1. Navigate to the Olympus Missions Google Drive Folder. Select the folder labeled "Conquest". In the other folder, labeled Altis, you will be able to download the Altis life mission file if you otherwise cannot in-game.
  2. Find the desired map in the folder and double click it to begin downloading the file.
  3. Open up the Windows run dialog (Windows Key + R) and enter the following directory: %localappdata%\Arma 3\MPMissionsCache
  4. Place the desired map files into the "MPMissionsCache" folder and start ArmA 3.
  5. Connect to the Olympus #3 conquest server and you will now be able to participate in the conquest.

Mod Installation

Many conquests are hosted on workshop maps that require mods. A full list can be found under Optional Mods. It's recommended that you download all mods so that you can connect immediately in the future.

To connect to the server using mods:

  1. Open Arma 3 Launcher.
  2. Select the “Servers” Tab.
  3. Internet Tab and search for “Olympus”.
  4. Click “Join” after locating the “Olympus #3 Conquest Server”.
  5. Select the “Setup DLCS AND MODS AND JOIN” tab.
  6. You will automatically enable the necessary mods for that specific conquest and connect to the server.


How warpoints work:

  • Killing non-warred player: 2


  • At war players:3
  • On cap point (150 meters of flag) if at war: 4
  • On cap point (150 meters of flag) if non-warred: 3
  • Killstreak works the same as server 1 however it will not be applied while suppressed
  • No distance bonus
  • Killing swat: 3
  • Killing swat on cap point (150 meters of flag): 4
  • Dying on conquest: -1