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The two gang bases are located in the town of Zaros and on the Neochori Peninsula. There lies unique rebel outposts that can be captured during gang base skirmishes. They’re fully furnished to cater to all of the needs that a marauding gang of rebels might require. This is just the tool your gang needs to rise into prominence in the face of your rivals.


The gang base features rebel weapons and clothing stores, a war-point shop, a rebel market, and a rebel vehicle garage.

If you capture the base, you and your gang will gain access to a unique spawn point that only your gang can use. Having a spawn point at a rebel outpost is especially useful if you plan to participate in Federal Reserve, Blackwater Armory, or Altis Bank robberies.

Upon capturing the gang base, your gang will receive one of three perks which are chosen at random. You can check which perk you've been rewarded by hovering your mouse over the gang base icon on the map.

  • 15% discount on all rebel weapons (does not stack with arms dealer cartel discounts)
  • 15% discount on all vehicles (only works at gang base)
  • 15% increase in profits for all illegal run sales for the gang.

Your gang will also receive a 20% Processing bonus towards all illegal runs.


The gang base skirmish begins every Sunday at 3:00 PM EST. The objective of this event is to capture & hold the gang base with up to 10 gang members.

All gangs are notified of the skirmish 5-10 minutes prior to the event. Once the preparation time has elapsed, the red zone appears on the map and all vehicles within 100 meters of the bases will despawn. The defending gang will not be able to spawn at the gang base for the duration of the skirmish.

While the Skirmish is active a Rebel Outpost Spawn, located near Therisa Airfield, will be now available in the death menu. This Rebel Spawn will grant you 5 minutes of god mode similar to conquest. After using this specialized spawn, there will be a cooldown to respawn here again for 3 minutes.

To capture the gang base, walk up to the flagpole and use the scroll wheel to use the capture menu. Capturing will take 30 seconds. Hold the base and its flag pole for 30 minutes to achieve victory. During this time, you’ll contend with multiple gangs driving armored vehicles that can deploy smoke shields, enemy gamers taking potshots from the surrounding foliage and landscape, and reckless chargers who will try to siege the numerous fortifications laid around the perimeter.

Players who try to capture the gang base with more than 10 players will receive a cooldown which prevents them from capturing it again.

During the gang skirmish there is a payout pot, similar to conquest. 25% of the value of the gear purchased during the skirmish, will be added to this pot to be distributed amongst the top 3 gangs who held the base(s) the longest. You will be able to locate this payout in your deposit box following the event, which will consist of a payout of as follows:

  • 1st Place - 60%
  • 2nd Place - 30%
  • 3rd Place - 10%

The previous gangbase owner(s) will be unable to spawn or purchase gear from the previously owned gangbase during the event.

For each kill you will receive 3 warpoints usable in the Rebel Warpoint Shop located at every Rebel Outpost.

Skirmish Rules

  • Warzone rules apply inside the conquest zone (no NLR, KOS, etc)
  • Players may not utilize RPGs, Mines, and Explosive charges/IEDs at the Gangbase Skirmish
  • Vigilantes/APD may not tase or restrain players participating in the event. This includes players spawning, gearing, or traveling in the general vicinity and nearby rebels.

Skirmish rules related specifically to the APD and R&R can be found in the APD Handbook and R&R Handbook.