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"Fun, fair, and balanced."


The Bank of Altis is an event that mainly caters towards small to medium sized gangs. Since robbing the Blackwater Armory and Federal Reserve robberies may be too difficult for smaller and/or newer gangs, the bank robbery provides those gangs with an entry-level competitive event. Once the robbery has begun, the APD will be notified which bank is being robbed and the immediate area will become a red zone. Many gangs come back to rob the bank after the robbery cool-down.

Starting The Robbery

To start the robbery, a gang needs three people who are using 5.56 caliber weapons (or greater) within the zone and at least 4 cops online. The vault is located on the bottom floor of the office building. Open the door, go inside, aim at the crate, select the blasting charge in your "y" inventory, and press "use" to begin the bank robbery. Once the robbery starts, it's not uncommon for the APD to arrive at the bank. Since the APD is not required to respond to bank robberies, they don't always show up. After the 10 minute countdown, the blasting charge will explode and open the vault. Money bags will spawn inside of the vault and civilians will be allowed to transfer them out. Money bags cannot be placed inside of aerial vehicles. Money bags can be sold at any drug dealer location, except for Neochori drug dealer while the bank vaults are being broken into. It’s also good to note that there is a 20 minute cooldown between opening in the same vault. After a federal event, there will be a 10 minute cooldown until the bank can be robbed.

APD & The Bank

There are many misconceptions about robbing the bank of Altis from the perspective of the APD. Below are some of the most common things new officers misunderstand.

  • APD does not need to code 3 into the bank.
  • The bank is a KOS zone while active. This means that no engagement/roleplay is needed to fire upon other players
  • Wave rule is not required while 5 or less officers are responding to the bank
  • Civilian vehicles that are left at the bank may be seized by the APD. This is at the discretion of the highest ranking officer in the situation
  • For more information regarding how the APD handles the bank, refer to the APD Handbook


The bank vault will spawn with at least 100 money bags inside of it. The amount of money bags that will spawn in the vault increases by 5 each time a unique APD officer is killed. Each money bag is with worth $30,000.

If the APD defuse the bomb, $150,000 will be split between all of the officers within a 3km radius independent of rank.

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