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"Are we lethals yet?"


The Federal Reserve is one of the most challenging events to complete on the server, second to the Blackwater Armory. The event brutally tests the ability of a group to conquer an assortment of hurdles.

The difficulty of the events begins with the mandatory response of the Altis Police Department, which is because of the robbery's classification as a federal event. Just like the other three federal events, Blackwater, Jail, and Evidence Locker APD officers will likely join the server with the intent to counter the robbery. These officers usually include a few senior officers, who have access to a larger arsenal than the average police officer.

Once the alarm sounds, the APD will respond to the event in waves, per the rules of the APD handbook1. While the bomb on the vault door counts down, the waves normally grow in size and increase in vehicle strength. Once the bomb on the vault door explodes, it is likely that armed APD Ghosthawks will appear in a final attempt to stop the civilians from reaching any of the gold traders. If the civilians reach the gold trader, they can access the NPC there and sell the reserve's gold bars to the NPC. Once the bomb is blown, a cool-down of 30 minutes will begin until another robbery can be started.

Starting The Robbery

You will need bolt-cutters and a blasting charge to start a Federal Reserve robbery. You can buy a blasting charge and bolt-cutters from a Rebel Outpost or Black Market. To plant the blasting charge, decide which vault you will be breaking into (circled in the first picture below). Both Vaults are identical inside. Walk up to the large door of the dome, open your inventory by pressing "y", click the blasting charge, and press "use". The blasting charge can only be planted if 5 cops are online. The charge will count down for 20 minutes before it explodes.

If you wish to hack the anti-air system at the reserve, you'll also need to buy a hacking terminal. When the anti-air is operating normally, civilians will receive an anti-air warning when they enter the big ring; then, the civilians will be shot out of the sky by a heat-seeking missile if they enter the small center circle. Normally, the APD can enter the anti-air without being shot. If the anti-air is hacked, these roles reverse.

When you enter the rings of an active Jail you will be notified that the zone is KOS.

Selling Gold Bars

If players defend the vault bomb from being defused by the APD, the bomb will explode the vault door and a number of gold bars will spawn inside.

The players will need to load the gold bars into a large truck since each gold bar uses six units of inventory space. It's not normally feasible for the civilians to use exclusively backpacks for extracting the gold from the reserve. Also take note that gold bars cannot be stored inside the virtual inventory space of an aerial vehicle. Gold bars can be stored inside of houses, which would allow the players to sell the gold at a later date instead of directly after the robbery.

Gold bars can only be sold at gold traders. The locations of the three gold traders are circled in red on the map below.

Possible Rewards

The minimum amount of gold bars that will ever spawn in the Federal Reserve vault is 200. With gold bars being valued at $69,063 each, the minimum payout for a completed Federal Reserve robbery is $13,812,600. If there are more cops online during the Federal Reserve robbery, the minimum amount of bars that can spawn is increased.

  • If there are 15 or more cops online, the minimum amount of bars is 225.
  • If there are 20 or more cops online, the minimum amount of bars is 250.

The maximum amount of gold bars that can spawn inside a Federal Reserve vault is 400.

Simply put, if you complete a Federal Reserve robbery, the amount of bars you'll receive is partly decided by pure chance. Your chances of receiving a larger payout increases with the number of cops that are on the server during the robbery.

If the APD defuse the bomb, $500,000 will be split between all of the officers within a 3km radius independent of rank.