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"Cartel Life is an incredible experience which embodies true competitive spirit and provides a new way to play Arma 3 at the highest level."


A portion of Olympus players don't consider cartels a mere event. Fighting and owning cartels is what they do. Cartel fighting is highly competitive and difficult to learn for most. Cartel fighters have an interesting type of culture that is rarely associated with any other portion of the community.

All cartels are located in the warzone. New Life Rule (NLR) and Random Death Match (RDM) do not apply inside the warzone or at cartels. Players do not have to engage people inside the warzone in order to kill, tase, or titan them.


Every illegal processed drug on the server can be sold at drug dealers or distributors. Each of those drugs are taxed by the owners of the corresponding cartel. If you sell heroin at a drug dealer, 15% of your profit will automatically be transferred to the gang who owns the heroin cartel. If your gang owns the cartel, you will not pay any taxes. The only drug that cannot be taxed through cartels is Acid, which is also known as LSD or frogs.

When your gang owns the arms cartel, you'll receive a 15% discount on all purchases you make at the rebel outpost. When you make purchases at rebel outposts without owning the arms cartel, 15% of the normal item purchase cost is automatically transferred to the owner.

Passive Cartel Income

Players capturing cartels will have a passive income based upon the server’s population. This makes cartels a nice place to defend and make money as time goes on.

How much will you make? There's a simple calculation you can do. The passive pay cycle lasts for 10 minutes. Simply divide the current players on the server by 100. Then multiply that by 30,000. For example: if the total player population is 50, you would divide 50 by 100, which equals 0.5. Then multiply 0.5 by 30,000, which equals 15,000. This means that every 10 minute cycle, you'll make $15,000. That comes out to $90,000 of passive cartel income every hour.

Capturing Cartels

If you wish to capture a cartel, you'll need to join a gang. A singular player cannot own a cartel, his or her gang will own the cartel. Once a player is within 95 meters of the red triangle marker of the cartel, it will start capturing. A player must have a weapon that utilizes 5.56 caliber ammunition or greater to capture a cartel. Players cannot capture cartels from inside a vehicle.

When you begin capturing a cartel, a progress bar will appear at the top of your screen. This progress bar indicates if you've captured the cartel or not. The text in the bar will read "uncapping" if you are reducing the percentage of the cartel that another gang owns. The text will read "capturing" once your gang owns the cartel but you're still increasing the percentage of the cartel that your gang owns. The text will read "contested" if a player from another gang enters the capture zone.

  • If a group outnumbers another group by a 3-1 ratio, the capture point will not be fully contested.
  • The group with 3 times the amount of people as the other will continue capping the point at a rate of 50% the standard.

If more than one gang member is inside of the capture zone, that gang will capture the cartel faster. When two gang members are within the capture zone, the capture speed is increased by 37.5%. When a third gang member enters the capture zone, the capture speed is increased by an additional 37.5%. There are no further capture speed buffs past that point.

This live page HERE constantly displays who owns the cartels on each server.

Map Locations

Normally, the cartels rotate. "Cocaine, Meth, & Weed" cartel will sometimes switch locations with "Moonshine, Mushroom, & Heroin". An important thing to note is that, unlike all other cartels, the arms cartel is always in this central location. Note that the walls surrounding the Church location are now indestructible.

OG Arms


Alpha Point