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"They're camping rebel? Load up the low-orbiting ion cannon."
Panda (Administrator, Retired Senior APD)


An airdrop is a beacon of hope for players in search of an easy loadout. Each airdrop randomly spawns on the Altis Island - anyone on the island has the potential to loot the contents of the crate.

In the past, the airdrop was spawned by staff members. Now, the airdrop automatically spawns based on the server's player population.

The Airdrop

The entire server will be notified when the airdrop is inbound with a message saying "The Altis National Armory has called in a supply drop full of rare gear."

A red circle will appear on the map where the airdrop is going to land. This circle marks the kill-on-sight zone around the landing area. No engagement is needed within this marked area. Additionally, the APD is not allowed to enter this area unless they chase a criminal into the wave. Once the criminal is apprehended or killed, they must leave the area unless they are engaged by another criminal inside of the airdrop zone. The APD may not return for a second wave.

Everyone connected to the server will be notified a second time when the airdrop is 5 minutes from landing saying "The Altis National Armory supply drop will be released in 5 minutes". When there is 1 minute left before the airdrop begins its descent, the server will receive another notification.

Once the airdrop has been released, it will spawn about 500 meters in the air and make a slow descent from there. These final few minutes are crucial to the different rebel parties fighting over control of the airdrop landing area. When the airdrop lands on the ground, colored smoke will emanate from it.

Possible Rewards1

Item commonality is rated as either Common, Uncommon, Rare, Very Rare, or Ultra Rare.


Weapon Commonality
MAR-10 .338 (Camo) Extremely Rare
ENVG-II Extremely Rare
DMS Extremely Rare
ASP-1 Kir 12.7 mm (Tan) Very Rare
RPG-7 Very Rare
Titan MPRL Rare
Ghillie Suit [CSAT] Uncommon
Pilot Coveralls [CSAT] Uncommon
9mm Suppressor Uncommon
Full Ghillie (Arid) [CSAT] Uncommon
Tier 3 Armor Uncommon
Suicide Vest Uncommon
M6 SLAM Mine Uncommon
Small IED Uncommon
Large IED Uncommon
Explosive Charge Unommon
RGO Grenade Uncommon
RGN Grenade Uncommon
LIM-85 5.56 mm Common
MX-SW Common
Mk1 Common
Mk18 Common
Mk200 6.5 mm Common
6.5 mm Suppressor Common
5.8 mm Suppressor Common

1. The exact percentage-measured chance of each item spawning in an airdrop crate will not be released on the wiki. The commonalities listed on this wiki page were granted and confirmed by the Olympus development team.