Altis Pharmaceutical

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"The APD either successfully pits or successfully comps."
Jig (Senior Designer, APD Sergeant)


The Altis Pharmaceutical is located near the Island's main airport. Civilians have the option to rob the Pharmaceutical Company by stealing a truck full of drugs. The main objective is to drive the stolen truck to one of the drop-off points where the goods can be sold.

Once the robbery has begun, the entire server will be notified that the Pharmaceutical is being robbed. Once the drug truck spawns, its location will be marked on the map every few minutes.

Starting The Robbery

To begin the robbery, you'll need a weapon that uses a 5.56 caliber ammunition or larger. Travel to the "Altis Pharmaceutical" and locate the NPC there. Point at the NPC and use your scroll wheel to open the robbery menu.

There are three different sizes of pharmaceutical robberies, each with its own vehicles and rewards. There are three different drop-off points to bring the stolen drug truck(s) to. Once you reach a drop-off point with the stolen truck, use the NPC there to sell the truck and claim your profits. Profits are automatically split into the bank accounts of the rebels in your group.

The pharmaceutical will fail if the APD terminate escort (30 second timer) before the vehicle spawns, seize the vehicle, or if the truck is destroyed.

Drop-Off Points

Depending on the drop-off point the pharmaceutical truck is brought to, the reward is more or less. Once the truck is sold to the NPC at a drop-off point, the reward is automatically split between everyone in the group of the person who sold the truck. The armed Qilin that spawns with the large pharmaceutical escort will explode after 45 minuets of it being spawned. The server will see a self-destruct message 20 seconds before the Qilin explodes.

Possible Rewards

Size APD Online Needed Vehicles 85% Reward 100% Reward 150% Reward
Small 3 HEMTT Ammo $488,750 $575,000 $862,500
Medium 5 Tempest Repair $877,500 $1,150,000 $1,725,000
Large 7 Tempest Ammo & Armed Qilin $1,466,250 $1,725,000 $2,587,500
Sell Time 30 seconds 5 seconds 5 seconds