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"Fuck it, if we can't have the gear, no one can."
Venom (APD Corporal & Support Team)


The APD escort is normally compared to the civilian-spawned pharmaceutical truck robbery event. An APD officer holding the rank of Corporal FTO or higher is able to start the APD escort if there are 45 civilians on the server at the time. The FTO+ APD member will pay a certain amount of money to start the event and will be refunded if the event is won by the APD. The starting price is based on the size of the escort.

The APD must escort a truck full of APD evidence through checkpoints on their way to the drop-off location. All officers must use lethal weapons, FTO+ may authorize PO lethals. The APD much stop at each checkpoint and drop-off point for 90 seconds. If civilians intercept the escort, they'll be able to steal the gear from the truck. If the APD successfully reach the drop-off location, they'll be rewarded based on the size of the escort. Once the escort event is complete, another escort cannot be started within 45 minutes of that point. If the escort explodes while in transport, the cooldown is reduce from 45 minutes to 20 minutes.

You can find rules regarding the APD escort HERE.


Size APD Start Cost APD Reward Vehicles Path
Small $250,000 $1,000,000 HEMTT Ammo Kavala HQ > MSR Checkpoint > Athira HQ Drop-off
Medium $500,000 $1,500,000 HEMMT Ammo Kavala HQ > Main Air Checkpoint > Pyrgos HQ Drop-off
Large $750,000 $2,000,000 HEMTT Ammo & Armed Prowler Kavala HQ > Main Air Checkpoint > Black Market Herion Checkpoint > Sofia HQ Drop-off

Each checkpoint and finish point requires the completion of a 90-second progress bar.

Possible Rewards1

Item commonality is rated as either Common, Uncommon, Rare, Very Rare, or Ultra Rare.

Weapon Commonality
MAR-10 Lethal (Camo) Ultra Rare
ASP-1 Kir Very Rare
RPG-7 Very Rare
Titan Launcher Very Rare
MAR-10 Taser (Black) Very Rare
MX-SW Common
Mk1 Common
Mk1 Taser Common
LIM-85 Common
Clothing Commonality
ENVG-II Ultra Rare
Pilot Coveralls Rare
CSAT Fatigues Rare
Tier 5 Vest Rare
Tier 4 Vest Rare
Tier 3 Vest Rare
Suicide Vest Uncommon
Items Commonality
DMS Ultra Rare
RGO Grenade Uncommon
RGN Grenade Uncommon
Explosive Charge Uncommon
M6 SLAM Mine Uncommon
Small IED Uncommon
Large IED Uncommon
7.62 Suppressor Uncommon
5.56 Suppressor Common
5.8 Stealth Suppressor Common

1. The exact percentage-measured chance of each item spawning in the APD escort truck will not be released on the wiki. The commonalities listed on this wiki page were granted and confirmed by the Olympus development team.