Terror Attack

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"The #1 jihad experience."


While, believe it or not, the major cities of Altis offer respite from the dangers of the islands more remote and valuable areas there is a way that marauding rebels can lay siege to these hubs of civilian life by committing a "Terror".


Using a hacking terminal and 3 armed players in proximity, rebels can hack into the radio towers near every major city on the island. It is recommended that any group that wishes to commence with such wanton violence be fully armed and in possession of enough medical supplies, foods, and stimulants to sustain themselves for the duration of the terror. It is likely that many in both the civilian population and the Altis Police Department will stand to oppose you, so bring lots of ammo and be properly equipped for a long fight.


Once the event begins, the gang who initiated the terror will be engaged with all APD officers and civilians that are within city limits. This is done through a notification sent to every player on the server showing the in-game name of the player who hacked the radio tower so be sure to have your gang tag on to initiate for your whole gang. The Terror itself will last for 15 minutes and a red zone will cover the entirety of city limits. During this time the initiating gang will have to survive a fight against the world and it is highly recommended to either find a position that will be easily defendable with the number of people participating or, they will want to move through Kavala maintaining good lines of communication and staying organized as to dispatch any threats they may encounter while sweeping the city. If you manage to kill another geared player in the time the terror is taking place you will receive war points, however if you are killed in a terror you will not lose any war points.

Criminal Charges

Rebels identified or captured by the APD can expect to be charged with “Terrorist Acts” which adds $93,750 to their bounty.