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"Find my tank on the map for a surprise ;D"
Ryan (Olympus Owner)


The Olympus Altis Island is covered with numerous different zones, locations, outposts, event areas, and cities. The image below is an all-including viewpoint of the entire map. The map appears to be cluttered and difficult to read from this perspective, but we'll break everything down.

It's important to note that certain marks on the map come in specific colors and shapes, which defines how you should approach each location.

  • Red markers indicate that the zone is illegal. Within these red zones, players are not required to initiate roleplay with other players before engaging in combat. Rebel Outpost, Frog Swamp, and Cocaine Processing are a few examples of these kill-on-sight zones or "KOS" zones. Many of these red markers have a red-shaded circle around them, which shows the exact area around a certain location in which engagement is not required.
  • The southern area surrounded by a red border is the warzone, which is considered an illegal area. The New Life Rule (NLR) and Random Death Match (RDM) rules don't apply there.
  • The brown triangle markers labeled Iron Mine, Rock Quarry, and Silver Mine are examples of places that are legal to be inside of. These are locations where players can gather items to be used in runs. Normal engagement rules apply inside of these zones.
  • Dark green "dot" markers indicate the placement of item processing locations for * legal runs such as Copper Processing, Iron Processing and Diamond Processing. Just like all other non-illegal zones, normal engagement rules apply inside of these zones.
  • The orange square markers for locations like Oil Trader and orange circle markers for locations like Yeast Field or Peach Field are also legal zones. The square markers indicate "traders", which is where players can sell processed items after the raw item is processed. The circle markers indicate certain legal gathering zones.
  • Event locations such as the Federal Reserve, Blackwater Armory, Bank of Altis, and Altis Penitentiary can be exempt from these rules. These locations have "rings" around them that indicate the boundaries of these areas. Most of these locations have two rings; one ring that defines the boundaries of the event area and one ring that shows where the Anti-Air system is active.
  • Green squares with a gas pump are gas stations. Every marked gas station has an ATM which you can deposit, withdraw, or wire transfer to other players (max sent per transaction is $999,999 and has a 6.66% fee). You can also pull into the station to service your vehicle.

Interactive Map

The interactive map is on the stats page and can be found here

Map of Olympus

Map Markers

Markers can be found in the map menu by toggling the “Hide Marker List” button on the top right under the clock. In this menu, players who are not too familiar with the Olympus map can find certain locations a lot easier. You can either search what you are looking for in the search box or expand each category to find your desired location. For example, by clicking on Casinos and then on Kavala Casino you will see a white rotating circle around the picked location. To get rid of undesired map markers on your map such as Delivery Missions, you will need to open the small options menu and have the “Toggle Hide Markers” checked marked. You have the option to hide certain locations or you can hide that whole category by double clicking on the name. Keep in mind that the map settings reset after leaving the game session.

GPS Pathing

GPS Pathing is a tool that allows you to get to any location where you set your waypoint marker. Each path that is generated helps you reach your destination with the fastest possible path following roads. To use the tool, you must open your map and toggle the “Hide marker List” button on the top right under the clock. Next, you will need to locate the small magnifying glass and you will see that it is red. By clicking it, it will turn green and you can start to create a path. To create a path you will need to shift and click to set a waypoint marker and a path will appear. To change the color of the path you can open the small options menu and select your color of choice. To follow the path you will need to acquire a GPS from the general store or gas station and use the bracket keys to pull it up on the side of your screen.

Spawn Cities

What is a spawn city? Simply put, it's an area on the Island of Altis that players can respawn at. After death or respawn, you'll be prompted to choose which of these towns you wish to spawn at. All of the spawn cities are relatively the same since they all offer the same basic services, but each has its separate personality and reputation.

Spawn cities are the center of the server. Each player on the server began their journey in a spawn city. Kavala, Pyrgos, Athira, Sofia, Neochori, and Therisa each have their own stigma, legends, and stories.

All of the locations listed below include a Car Shop, DMV, General Store, Clothing Store, Gun Store, and ATM. Most of the locations also include a Peach Field, Apple Field, or Clinic, Courthouse, Truck Shop, Garage, Air Garage, camping vigilantes, and some sort of Service Station.


Kavala is the most famous spawn city. It's the epicenter of the Altis population and the most famous entity in the Arma 3 Altis Life genre. If you stop in the middle of the city to listen; you'll most likely hear the snaps of pistols, the whizzing of medic hatchbacks driving to their next patient, the groups of police cars with sirens activated, the yells of players screaming "hands up or die" and "bet me bet me bet me", and the occasional explosion of a quad-bike or go-kart. Its die-hard inhabitants mostly consist of betting addicts, new vigilantes looking for a quick and easy bounty to snatch, gang members waiting to kill unsuspecting rival gangs, and those with a general disregard for the laws of the land.


Pyrgos is an interesting city because of its central location on the map. It has a funny way of attracting all types of players. It's where the people from both sides of the map collide, no matter their faction or allegiance.

Pyrgos can be active and populated like Kavala, but it's significantly more unpredictable. The city can be very quiet; but, the city has the ability to quickly fall into chaos. Since the city is positioned in-between the Bank of Altis and Altis Penitentiary, it becomes much more alive when those events are active. Throughout the years, a few gangs have maintained heavy rebel and/or vigilante presence in the city - most likely waiting to rob lone APD officers, hoping to catch large bounties returning from gang battles or illegal runs, or staging an attack against their rivals regrouping at the hospital.


The city of Athira has become the meeting place for large groups of rebels preparing for federal reserve robberies. Before federal events, dozens of rebels spawn at Athira and drive up to the Rebel Outpost there. Similar to Pyrgos, Athira holds a central position on the map. It's best known as a re-supply town for civilians and rebels in-between runs. Vigilantes often cruise the streets, waiting to take advantage of these events.


There is no other city that is further North than Sofia. Groups of civilians visit there for salt runs and mushroom runs. Large collectives of gangs stage at the rebel outpost for Blackwater Armory robberies.


Neochori was the original go-to spawning choice of cartel fighters.


The cartel fighter spawn town, heavily camped by vigilantes looking to catch high-bounty warriors off guard.