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"Gas stations are a great way to start out on Olympus. You're normally able to leave before the APD arrives, but you'll have an action-packed couple of minutes if they show up."


Gas station robberies are the easiest and most basic events on the server, which is why they don't yield massive piles of money like federal reserve robberies do. Nevertheless, gas station robberies provide players with an entry level APD versus rebels event.

Sometimes, the APD is unable to respond to gas station robberies. The APD is not required to respond to gas station robberies like they are for Federal Reserve robberies, Blackwater Armory robberies, Evidence Lockup, and Altis Penitentiary raids.

Starting The Robbery

To rob a gas station, walk up to the NPC inside of the gas station building. Point at the register next to the NPC and use your scroll wheel to make the menu appear. Select the "break into cash box" option to begin the robbery. The robbery will last 4 minutes. You will be rewarded with cash and be unable to use ATMs for 5 minutes after the robbery ends.

Possible Rewards

To start certain events, a specific number of APD officers must be on duty. This is not the case for gas station robberies, which can be started at any time.

The base payout for a successful gas station robbery is $35,000. The player who robs the gas station also receives an additional $10,000 for every cop who is online. The maximum amount of money that a gas station robbery can yield is $85,000.