Plane Delivery Missions

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What are DP Missions?

Plane Delivery Missions are a set of legal runs that can be done while playing on the civilian faction. These missions involve interacting with NPCs located on different airfields across Altis “delivering” packages wherever they are due. These delivery points are completely randomized but will be marked in green. Each mission will cost an initial 60k that will be given back after drop-off and will give you a random destination. The payout is not affected by distance traveled. You will receive a minimum of $100k and a maximum of $125K (not including your initial $60k payment). A Worker's Protection License will also give you +15% bonus on profits.

How Does It Work?

To start a plane delivery mission, pick an airfield from which to start. You will need a Caesar BTT(300k). Pull your new plane and taxi to the “Plane Delivery” NPC marker. Make sure your plane is within 10 meters of the NPC to load the cargo, then hop out of your plane and scroll wheel to start the mission. You will receive a notification locating your destination and your map will mark the target airfield’s delivery NPC green.

If you forget your drop-off point:

  1. Press “M” to open the map.
  2. Select the "Tasks" tab.

Now, fly to your destination and taxi to the delivery NPC marked on your map. Hop out of your plane and scroll wheel on the NPC to drop off cargo. From here you can store your plane or load more cargo for another run. It’s important to note that you receive payment in cash and you won’t be able to access ATMs for 3 minutes.