Drug Dealers

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"Go get cap, we gotta sell!"


Drug markets are dens of ill repute that were established by Altis’ criminal underworld. They handle the transactions of illegal items for cold hard cash. They are many well-established markets located near every major city, which are pictured below.

Processed drugs and money bags (which are stolen from the Bank of Altis) can be sold to the drug dealers.

To check the price of these items simply hit “Y” and check the Market tab for the most recent price of specific items on the black market. Items that are “double-processed” sell for 25% more than the value of the current listed price.


It was once said that there is no honor among thieves. The proprietors of Altis’ drug markets are no different. APD officers who are patrolling a location of a known drug dealer will have the ability to “interrogate” the NPC by using their scroll wheel and selecting the “question dealer” option that will appear. If people have recently sold items at that drug dealer location, the office will be notified, and the person who sold to the drug dealer will be charge with drug trafficking (which carries a $34,000 fine). This charge also gives the APD probable cause if the seller is detained while interacting with a vehicle.