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From time to time, Olympus Staff can host fun events that players can participate in for a chance to win some money. These events typically happen randomly and can range from a fun demo derby to a full APD vs Rebel escort event.

Joining Events

When events are being hosted, a message should pop up in the top right of your screen. The message contains info such as what events is happening and how to join. Normally players would join the event by typing ";ejoin" and can leave using ";eleave". If you are planning to join an event, be warned that your gear would be likely wiped and will not be comped. It is recommended that you put your gear in a safe place so you can use it again after the event has been completed.

Types of Events

There is a wide variety of events that staff members can hold. The most popular being a demo derby and a Russian roulette game. In addition to these events, last man standing, races, and air battles, are all events that can be hosted by staff. APD vs Civ Escort/VIP events do occur but are rare due to the amount of work that goes into them.


Players that have proven themselves and have won their events get paid by staff for their efforts. Typically the top three players get paid. 1st place: 1 million dollars, 2nd place: 750k, and 3rd place: 500k