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From time to time, Olympus Staff can host fun events that players can participate in for a chance to win some money. These events typically happen randomly and can range from a fun demo derby to a full APD vs Rebel escort event.

Joining Events

When an event is being hosted, a message will pop up in the top right of your screen similar to a player message. The message will contain information on what event is happening, and how to join it. In order to join events, you must type ‘;ejoin’ in chat. To leave the event, type ‘;eleave.’ If you want to join an event, it is highly recommended that you store your gear in a safe location because if you lose it you will not be compensated. You will also need to make sure that you are not inside a vehicle, in jail, dead, or in restraints prior to being teleported.

Beware, however, if you do not join the event or are too late and want to go watch, do not interfere with the event in any way. This will be considered Event Disruption and you will receive a hefty ban.

Types of Events

There is a wide variety of events that staff members can hold. Some examples of events would be Demo Derby, Russian Roulette, Race, Air Battles, Tank Battles, Escort, and fan favorite Last Man Standing (A.K.A Battle Royale.) Events like Demo Derby and Russian Roulette are more common due to the amount of work that goes into some of the other events.

Team Deathmatch

In Team Deathmatch there are 5 different maps the Staff member can choose from: Nuketown V2, CoD 4: Shipment (Extended), Town, High Rise, and Warzone. The event will consist of 2 teams of 12 players which will be color coordinated. The teams may be randomized or customized depending on the specific instance. When the event begins, the staff member can equip each player with a predetermined loadout specific to that instance of the event. Each event may have a different loadout, however, each player will be equipped with the same loadout for that event. A player count will be displayed to show remaining players from each team during the round. There will be a time limit for each round to discourage camping. Each round will be determined by the last team standing and rewards will be given out to the winning team based on staff discretion.


Infected is an event where all players will start as Survivors and then players will randomly become infected. Infected players will be able to infect Survivors by melee killing them or throwing knives. Survivors will start off with loadouts selected by the staff member running the event. Survivors can replenish their magazines by killing infected players and running over the “Scavenger” crate. Survivors can also call in a Tactical Nuke to wipe out all infected players if they get a 25 kill streak. Infected players will have a ballistic-resistant uniform. Infected players will frequently let out a sound cue to inform Survivors of their location. For survivors to win, they will need to either run out the round timer or get placeholder kills. For the infected to win, they will need to infect all the survivors.

Demo Derby

The Demo Derby typically takes place at the event arena in the salt flats. During this event, you will be teleported to the middle of the arena where you will run to 1 of the 4 sets of vehicles placed in each corner of the arena. There are multiple different types of vehicles the staff member can choose from when starting the event, however, all the vehicles in the event will be the same for that single event. Once the event starts, players will drive around attempting to demo other opponents. If your vehicle is disabled or destroyed, then you are eliminated. Last player still driving wins!

Sumo Derby

Sumo derby is similar to demolition derby, but instead takes place on an elevated platform with no boundaries bringing all new risks, tactics and fun to this event. In this event you will be teleported to said elevated platform and there will be vehicles in 4 positions around you. Step into one of these vehicles and when they start up you’re free to start smashing into other players' vehicles and even push them off the edge, if the opportunity arises. If your vehicle is destroyed or left disabled you will be considered eliminated from the event. Last person driving is the winner of the sumo derby!

Russian Roulette

Russian Roulette is a widely known game around the world. Olympus’ version is slightly different. During this event, you will be teleported into the dome and spawn with a 4-Five pistol and VR suit. Once the game starts, players will run around the dome in hopes of receiving 1 bullet to fire at someone. These odds are random, so not everyone will get a bullet. As players start to get eliminated, odds will increase that you will get a bullet in your chamber next round. Last person standing wins the event!

Last Man Standing

Last Man Standing, otherwise known as Battle Royale, is a fan favorite among the Olympus Community. In this event, you will spawn into the island naked. Once the game starts, players will run off into the forest to find crates on the ground in order to gear up. Loot is randomized so not everyone will be equally geared. Once you are satisfied with your gear, it’s time to start hunting. Once all players are eliminated, the last man standing can celebrate their victory royale along with their payout!

Air Battles

Air Battles is an event in which the name says it all. Players will be teleported to the salt flats where armed air vehicles of the admin’s choosing will be spawned in. These vehicles can range from Jets, Ghosthawks, Pawnees, and many other options. Once the event begins, players will take off in their aircraft where a dogfight will take place. Last man still flying his aircraft will be pronounced the winner!


The Escort event is another fan favorite of the Olympus Community. It is less common due to the amount of administrative work that goes into it behind the scenes. In this event, the civs will work against the APD in order to take down an escort convoy. There are many different variations of this event. Sometimes the APD escorts a HEMMTT of gold from Kavala to the Federal Reserve, and sometimes they escort a HVT (High-Valued-Target) from one location to another. The goal is to destroy the convoy and gain control of the particular reward for that given event.

Tank Battles

The Tank Battles event is fairly straightforward. As the name suggests, similar to Air Battles and Demo Derby, players will be spawned into the salt flats where tanks will be placed. Once the event begins, players will fight to the death with their tanks. If your tank is disabled or destroyed, you are eliminated. Last tank standing wins!


The Race event is a less common event due to the amount of administrative work that goes into hosting it. During the race event, players will be teleported to a location in which they will be given instructions on the track that will be set forth for the race. The goal is to get from Point A to Point B the quickest, as in any race. If your car is disabled or destroyed, you will be eliminated from the event. First person across the finish line wins!


Players that have proven themselves and have won their events get paid by staff for their efforts. Typically the top three players get paid. 1st: $1 Million, 2nd: $750k, 3rd: $500k.