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"Now you get to mass rdm one last time :D"


You get put on restrictions when you have been previously permanently banned and aren’t fully welcomed back, as a regular member of the community. While under restrictions you’ll be unable to do or access features regularly available to you in the server. The list of restrictions is as follow:

  • House limit of 3
  • Vehicle limit of 15
  • Cannot pick up money off the ground
  • Cannot give/take money to/from players
  • When robbed your money is 1/2'd
  • When robbing another player it is 1/2'd
  • Cannot receive RnR invoices
  • Money will not drop when killed, it gets deleted.
  • Cannot give/take from gang bank
  • Cannot give/take wire transfers to/from players
  • Players lose 15% when selling virtual items to stores
  • Cannot play on a whitelisted faction (R&R / APD)
  • Does not receive Passive Perks
  • Must maintain a clean ban record for at least 2 months or previous ban may be reinstated
  • Ineligible to receive 15% bonus for Gang Base or Workers Protection License
  • Cannot gamble at the Casino
  • Access to using the Black Market Auction House Revoked
This is an example of someone on restrictions shown by the "poop" emoji over their head.

Identifying Restrictions

Although you should treat restriction players as regular members of the community, you should be able to identify a person by the recognizable emoji found above their heads, to signify they have been very naughty.

Removing Restrictions

When initially coming back, you’ll be told the duration in which your restriction period will last for. After that time has passed, make a general inquiry giving an update that you’ve been actively playing and haven’t gotten in too much trouble within the period. The staff member will then make the decision to either remove the restrictions or extend your restrictions removal to a further date.