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Olympus Mission Updater Instructions

Downloading Olympus mission files through our mission updater allows for joining the server significantly faster by pre-downloading mission files, rather than downloading through Arma 3 which has an average download speed of 128Kb/s with a max of 1 Mb/s.


There are two ways to use the mission updater: AHK (Auto-Hotkey script), and Executable (Source Available)

Compiled .exe

  1. Download the updater executable here
  2. Run the executable

Running the ahk manually

The executable has been officially verified by Microsoft, but if you do not trust that the .exe matches the source code, you can run the .ahk manually.

  1. Install Auto Hotkey v2
  2. Download the latest version as .zip here from the GitHub Repository
  3. Extract the zip to a folder
  4. Run "Olympus Mission Updater.ahk" with AutoHotkey


  1. Open the application or AHK script
  2. Select which mission files you would like to download
  3. Click "Download"
  4. The mission files will be downloaded to your MPMissionsCache (%LocalAppData%\Arma 3\MPMissionsCache)

Note: it does not matter if you are in game when you use the updater.

Source Code