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"Dude holy shit pull over right now huge lotto!"


Purchasing a lottery ticket at the gas station will initiate a lottery notifying every player on the server. Each lottery lasts 30 minutes and notifications will appear displaying how much time is left on the lottery and how much money has been pooled up for the lottery. If you do purchase a lottery ticket remember to stay online because if you log out you will not be able to receive your reward if you happen to win the lottery.

Purchasing a lottery ticket

Everyone can purchase a lottery ticket if they wish to participate at any gas station. To purchase a ticket simply walk up to the gas station NPC and scroll to the “Purchase Lottery Tickets” option. Once you have selected this option you will see a menu asking you how many tickets you would like to purchase. To participate you must purchase a minimum of 1 ticket and the maximum amount of tickets you can purchase is set to 10 tickets. Each lottery ticket costs $50,000 and is taxed removing $2,500 for each ticket purchased. Once the lottery is concluded a final notification will appear displaying the winners name as well as the total amount won during the lottery. After a short cooldown lottery tickets will be available for purchase again and a new lottery will begin.