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  1. Staff looks very differently at a report than the normal player, therefore there might be situations where you might believe that they are breaking a rule where we disagree, and in that case we will explain this in the report.
  2. There are always going to be gray areas, but in that case you can always ask a staff member or support team member on clarifications on the rules.
  3. For any questions, please create a support request by creating a general inquiry.


  1. When reporting for RDM make sure to ALWAYS have 5 minutes before you get tazed / killed / shot at.
  2. Exempt scenarios: If you just logged in / if you are dead and just got revived (Some cases may require some video prior)
  3. If you respawn to another area still make video 5 min long (though if engaged you should never respawn as it is considered combat log)
  4. Excessive tazing is considered RDM and is situational (Recommend showing some context prior to being tazed.)

Fail RP

  1. If you are killed in restraints evidence needs to just show you being killed.
  2. If you are left stranded in restraints video needs to show who left you and show enough to consider being abandoned. 
  3. If you take coms/GPS and they don’t follow, video must show you taking them and any incident afterwards.
  4. If someone engages you and you believe they didn't give enough time to react you will need need video of the command being given until the death occurs. (some cases will require 5 min prior to being tazed / killed  / shot at)
    1. Example: Player A says “HANDS UP OR DIE”, player B reacts to it and is about to press tab, then player A shoots player B after 2 seconds.
    2. NOT FailRP
    3. IS FailRP

Combat log/store

  1. Evidence must show you being engaged and them logging out or storing their vehicle / driving vehicle into water where it can’t be retrieved.
  2. Screenshots can be valid form of evidence, if it can 100% prove it was within the period of engagement. A third party reporting based off just a screenshot will not be valid. 
  3. Video must properly show the drivers name as well as the person storing the vehicle. 
    1. Example of where a screenshot is enough evidence for combat logging.
  4. If submitting on a player that disconnects in your vehicle, evidence needs to show the player being in restraints before they get put inside your vehicle.
  5. Disclaimer: Logging out to avoid a situation (Logging out when getting revived so you don't get caught, or logging right before someone engages) is considered combat log


  1. Evidence must show the person who was operating the vehicle and the incident, that is all.
  2. If multiple people are in the vehicle evidence may have to prove who was operating the vehicle.
  3. Vehicle on vehicle collision needs to result in death for it to be counted as VDM. 
  4. Running someone over excessively just to keep them down is also considered VDM.
  5. Examples:
    1. VDM Example
    2. RVD Example


  1. Evidence must and only have to show the Exploit.
  2. Abusing an in-game function in a way it is clearly not indented to achieve an advantage is exploiting 
  3. Exploiting is considered as abusing an in-game bug or using a game mechanic in a way that it's not intended to be used.
  4. Passenger seating / restrained and getting in vehicle /”Super Jumping” to gain an advantage/ Jumping out of a moving car while restrained ( though can be considered Combat Log also.)
  5. Exploiting Example


  1. If you are robbed and sent to jail the person who sent the suspect to jail is at fault, not the robber, evidence must show you being robbed and sent to jail.
  2. If you are not read your charges, evidence must show from the point of being restrained until sent to jail. (This is because a lot of people read your charges as you are being driven/flown to your location rather than when you reach the vigilante outpost).
  3. Most cases will just need from the point of restrained until sent to jail.


  1. Must show the person dying and them coming back to the radius.
  2. Must show them not being revived / epi’d.
  3. Dead bodies dissolve and leave a puddle of blood when they DC/respawn, if not they are waiting for revival.
  4. NLR Example

Meta Gaming

  1. The definition of meta gaming is to use RP information and use it in a way that is outside of RP, such as putting locations of people in side-chat and/or using information that you acquired on one faction and using it on another. 
  2. Meta Example


  1. If reporting multiple people make separate reports for each, especially if separate videos.
  2. Try to edit videos down to the required amount needed per case and they will be resolved faster.
  3. Record more than the last 5 min at a time and edit what you need after.
  4. Using a heavily edited video that results in staff not being able to tell time will result in the ticket being denied for improper evidence. 


  1. NLR = New Life Rule
  2. CL = Combat Log
  3. RDM = Random Deathmatch
  4. VDM = Vehicle Deathmatch
  5. RVD = Random Vehicle Destruction 

If you are ever in doubt of if a rule is broken in a situation, always feel free to report it.