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The disputes button on the phone.
The disputes button on the death screen.
The player selection menu.
The prompt for a description and subject when making a dispute.
A filled out dispute on the dispute menu.

What Are Disputes

Disputes provide a mechanism for players to formally dispute the actions of another player and potentially request compensation. By combining disputes with player reports, players are guaranteed an opportunity to respond before receiving a ban along with providing staff a log of what has happened with the dispute.

How Do Disputes Work

A dispute is required before submitting a player report to help reduce the number of unnecessary and accidental bans, giving reported players an opportunity to share any exonerating evidence before a ban is placed. Note that while a dispute is required, players are not required to accept compensation in exchange for not submitting a player report - such situations will be handled on a case-by-case basis. For example, a plaintiff sharing their point of view showing that they were engaged by another gang member will not receive a ban, but a player with a bad history blatantly committing fail RP and sending unsolicited compensation will still be at risk for a ban.

Working with Support Team

Support Team members are able to access players' disputes after being provided with the dispute ID and access code in order to further assist in resolving the case and to provide additional documentation for moderator review. Note that Support Team members are not staff and CAN NOT ban or remove a ban; their job is to be an unbiased third party. You can find the dispute ID and code at the top of a selected dispute.

Making a Dispute

  1. Press Y to open your phone. If on the death screen press “Disputes”. Alternatively, you can type “;disputes” or “;filedispute”.
  2. Click the disputes button on the bottom-right corner of the sections list on the phone.
  3. Click “File Dispute” on the top-left corner of the dispute menu.
  4. Press the drop down menu of the faction that player is on, select his name, and click select.
  5. Write a subject header and description of the dispute.
  6. Press submit.
  7. Once you are finished with the dispute, press “Resolve” on the bottom-right corner of a selected dispute. Once both parties have resolved it, the dispute will appear green. If only one party has resolved it, the dispute will appear yellow.
  • If you wish to send compensation to the other player, you do so by pressing the “Compensate” button. This will send a selected amount of money to their deposit box.
  • Please keep in mind that, while compensation can be factored into the outcome of a player report, it does not guarantee you will avoid facing administrative action for breaking server rules.
  • You can make disputes with members that have been offline for up to six hours.
  • You cannot make disputes with your own gang members.

Filing a Report

If your dispute was insufficient to resolve a situation, you can press the “Report” button on the selected dispute to open a partially filled player report on the forums. Your Steam ID, timezone, dispute ID, and server will automatically be filled out. Fill out the rest of the boxes, provide evidence, and press “Save”. More information on making player reports can be found here.

Dispute Abuse

Creating disputes for the purpose(s) of transferring money, communicating or spamming a player not related to getting compensation is considered dispute abuse and can result in administrative action. Players may report another for dispute abuse by clicking the report button in the dispute menu and it will pre-fill information into the report on the forums.