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"Is civ council like designer do u get corp or whatever?"

Civilian Council Information

What is the Civilian Council?

The Civilian Council is a group of prominent members of the community who represent the civilian faction and focus on the five main areas of civilian life: Cartels, Runs, Scats, Vigis, and Feds. Each council member forms ideas for the addition, optimization, or removal of features for each of these areas, which are discussed at monthly meetings to determine if they will be of benefit to the civilian population. Once a council member's idea has been approved, the idea will be presented during a staff roundtable meeting for further discussion and approval for implementation.

Applying to the Civilian Council

Want to see some change on the island of Altis? Here below you can find the requirements for joining the civilian council:

  • Requirements:
  1. You must be active on the civilian faction (civ must be your primary faction).
  2. You must be able to attend monthly meetings on Sunday at 5pm EST.
  3. You must be experienced with the area of civilian life that you are applying for.
  4. You must not have been permanently banned in the past two months.
  5. Your application must be properly formatted and well thought out. Low effort apps will not be accepted (we’re not the APD, you can’t just write “I want to be civ council”).
  • How to apply:
  1. Click "Support" in the bar at the top of the website.
  2. Next, click "New Request".
  3. Make sure the department is set to "Civilian Council Application".
  4. Fill out and complete the rest of the application and submit.
  • Application format

Your application must have a properly formatted title or it will be denied. Please use the following: “<Name> - Civ Council <department>”, for example “DeadPooL - Civ Council Feds"

In your application, include what would make you a good fit for the council in general and specifically for the council section you are applying for. This should be a well thought out and detailed response. You must include a few detailed ideas or changes that you would propose should you be accepted. Most of these ideas should be specific to the area of your application, but a couple of general ideas are also acceptable.

  • Note:
  1. If you have previously submitted an application and had it denied, you are welcome to reapply after two weeks.
  2. If you have been removed from civ council in the past and would like to rejoin, you can apply two months after your removal.

Civilian Council Rules & Guidelines

  • Assuming a role within the Civ Council signifies the formal duty of acting as a representative for the civilians on Olympus.
  • Do not be toxic or immature on the Forums, TeamSpeak, or Discord.
  • Refrain from engaging in toxic or immature behavior within the roundtable discussion sections, and contribute only productive posts.
  • Do not abuse your additional access to the forums or TeamSpeak.
  • Do not get banned for longer than 7 days.
  • Do not leak any information from civ council meetings, staff meetings, sheets, forum sections, etc.
  • Do not utilize early access to civ council information to your advantage (Example: purchasing a house when a processor moves)
  • Stay active, at minimum put at least one idea down bi-weekly, and attend monthly civ council meetings. If you fail to put an idea down at least once every 14 days or miss two consecutive meetings, you will be served an inactivity warning. If you continue to fail to meet requirements, you will be removed. If you need to be temporarily exempt from these requirements, fill out an absence request here
  • Contribute to the meetings and respect others' ideas

Failure to follow and abide by these rules can result in the removal from Civilian Council at the discretion of the Senior and Head Councilmembers.

Civilian Council Responsibilities

  • Create new ideas for improving the server for their respective departments.
  • Must make themselves approachable and listen to the community for ideas and feedback.
  • Debate and review ideas through roundtable discussions in monthly Council meetings.
  • Present ideas to Olympus Staff for further review and discuss implementation.
  • Attend and represent the civilian faction at staff meetings.

Civilian Council Benefits

  • In-game title "Civilian Council"
  • In-game title color (purple)
  • In-game Hatchback Skin
  • In-game purchasable uniform
  • Payout of up to 75 Warpoints after each meeting (At senior council member's discretion).