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"One more time won't hurt."
Ivy (Silla Rank 5)


If you have extra cash laying around and would like a chance to double your money, the Olympus Casino is the place to go. Located just north of Kavala square, the casino has multiple ways to try and double your money or lose it all.


Located to the right of the entrance of the casino, there are multiple slot machines along the wall for use. You will have the option to gamble 10k to 100k dollars using the slot machines for a chance to double your money.


Located upstairs of the casino you will find a roulette table. Here players have the option to bet 100k to 10 million dollars. Upon entering the desired amount of money to gamble, players will have the option to pick either red, black, or green for their spin. If the ball lands on the color the player has selected, they have won! If the color selected was black or red, the players wager is doubled. If the player chooses green and it hits, the wager is multiplied by 14 and paid out to the player.


Located behind the stairs of the casino, players have the option to play Blackjack. Just like roulette, players can gamble 100k to 10 million dollars. The Olympus casino follows the standard rules of Blackjack. Natural blackjacks, an Ace and a card with a value of ten, pay 1.5 times the players wager, players can double down when one of their cards is a 9,10, or 11, and the dealer stands on soft 17.