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"One more time won't hurt."


Players have the option to "coinflip" their money. Those who wish to participate in this activity can wager an amount of money ranging from $1,000 to $5,000,000. If you win, your wager is doubled. If you lose, you lose your wager.

How to Bet

Before you bet, make sure you have betting enabled in your Y-Menu. Once you are sure the option is enabled, you can initiate the bet via the windows key menu with the "Bet Player" option. A dialogue will pop up where you can input how much you want to bet. The request is then sent to the other player for them to either accept or decline. Players can send bet offers every 3 minutes.


  • There are some restrictions when it comes to betting such as:
    • Medics who are on duty will not have the option to bet at all.
    • Cops who are on duty can't send bet offers but can receive them.
    • Citizens with less than ten hours on the server are restricted from all betting.