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"AHK is not counted as a custom control, fuck off already."
The Y Menu Settings.
The keybind menu.
The quip wheel.


There are certain controls and settings that are exclusive to the Olympus servers. Many of these key binds must be used to play on the server. Others are optional, but they provide extra efficiency while completing in-game tasks. The Olympus settings menu is located under the gear in the Y Menu.

Custom Keybind Menu

A variety of personal key-binds can be set via the key-bind menu within the phone settings tab. You can open this menu by pressing Y > Settings > Keybind Menu. Keys below that are listed as Unbound can be set through this menu.

  • Each action supports multiple keybinds by pressing “Add New Binding”.
  • You can manage sensitivity to Shift, Alt, and Control per-binding with “Ignore Modifier”.
  • You can change an existing keybind with “Edit Binding”.
  • To delete a keybind, select it and press “Delete Binding”.
  • If you want to reset all the keybinds in this menu to its original state, with your pre-existing Custom Actions and default Olympus keybinds, press “Defaults”.

APD Keys/Actions

Keybind Action Description
Shift + R APD Handcuff Restraint To restrain tased suspects
Unbound Bait Car Remote
Shift + L Emergency Lights Applies to Medic and APD
4 Open Stolen Vehicles Menu Shows which vehicles have been reported stolen
F Primary Siren Applies to Medic and APD
O Open Bar Gates Opens Gates at Federal Events and Police HQs
L Radar Displays the Speed of Target Vehicle
Unbound Road Kit (Cop) Deploy APD Road Signage Kit
Shift + F Secondary Siren Applies to Medic and APD
Unbound Toggle Lethals Loads Lethal Rounds

Communication (Arma Settings)

Keybind Action Description
Caps Lock Speak Talk in-game
Unbound Voice Over Net Suggested: 2x Caps Lock
Forward Slash (/) Text Chat Applies to selected communication channel
Comma (,) Change Communication
Period (.) Change Communication
Raise Player Volume ESC > Configure > Audio > VON

Chat Commands

Keybind Description
;help Display Available Commands
;ejoin Join Staff Events
;eleave Leave Staff Events
;p Displays the number of medics, cops, and civilians online
;r Reply to last message
;dr Reply to last dispatch sent to you
;sr Reply to last support team dispatch
;staff Used to message online staff whether you're dead or alive
;disputes Open dispute menu
;filedispute Opens a new dispute
;vote Opens conquest voting menu
;apd Messages all APD officers (reveals your location)
;rnr Messages all RnR officers (reveals your location)

Faction-Wide Animations/Emotes

Keybind Action
Shift + 5 Kneebend Slow
Shift + 6 Kneebend Fast
Shift + 7 Pushups
Shift + 8 Taekwondo
Shift + 9 Pee
Shift + 0 Dance 1 (Donator)
Shift + - Dance 2 (Donator)
Shift + T Nutcracker
Shift + Numpad 3 Wave Off
Shift + Numpad 4 Take Point
Shift + Numpad 5 Decline
Shift + Numpad 6 Hello
Shift + Numpad 7 Fisting
Shift + Numpad 8 Nod
Shift + Numpad 9 Halt
Apostrophe (‘) Sit Down

Gang Management

Keybind Action Description
F8 Accept War Must be Rank 3+ to Receive War Notifications
F9 Decline War Must be Rank 3+ to Receive War Notifications


Keybind Action Description
T Access Trunk Works for vehicles, houses, and dead players
Unbound Autorun Suggested: 2 [NUM]
B Cruise Control Sets cruise control as current speed. Slowing down cancels cruise control.
O Garage Opener
Ctrl + Alt + K Give Keys to Group
H Holster Weapon
Windows Key Interact Main Interaction Key for Altis Life. Used for picking up briefcase items, interacting with vehicles, people, using ATMs, accessing houses/gang sheds/etc. Opens ‘quip wheel’ when interacting with vehicles.
Space Jump
U Lock / Unlock Works for vehicles and houses.
Unbound Mark Vehicle Prevents vehicle from despawning, slinging a vehicle also prevents despawn.
5 Open Event Menu Staff Menu
Shift + T Place Target Marker
Ctrl + R Repack Mags
Shift + R or Shift + Alt + R Restrain Player
G Secondary Horn
F5 Start / Stop Personal Timer Timer length can be changed in Y menu settings.
U Spraycan Sprays can be set in the Y Menu Settings
Tab Surrender
Shift + O Toggle Earplugs Set Earplug Percentages in Y Menu Settings
Tilde (~) Toggle Tilde HUD Shows Group Member Names under Hex Icons (Toggle Conquest HUD Mode)
Up or Shift + Up Vehicle Nitro Only works if purchased via vehicle modification menu

General Arma Settings

Keybind Action Description
R Reload Weapon
I Arma Inventory
F Switch Weapon Fire Mode Switches between single, burst, and full-auto. Dependent on equipped weapon.
G Throw Throwable Item
L Turn on Light Works for vehicle or weapon laser/light
N Toggle Night Vision Only works if you have NVGs equipped.
2x Ctrl Lower Weapon
2x C Combat Stance
Semicolon (;) Swap Weapon


Keybind Action Description
Unbound Spikestrip
Unbound Eat Food
Unbound Lockpick Vehicle
Unbound Use Blood Bag
Unbound Use First Aid Kit
Unbound Use RedGull Applies to RedGull, Coffee, Lollipops, and Cupcakes
Unbound Use Water


Keybind Action Description
Unbound Cycle View Profile Toggles between view distance profiles.
Unbound Toggle Fast Terrain Improves performance by reducing view distance.


Keybind Action Description
Ctrl + Windows Key Give Dopamine
4 Open Dispatches
Unbound Repair Object Repair Objects/Walls (must have repair kit)
Unbound Road Kit (Medic) Deploy R&R Road Signage Kit

Y Menu

Keybind Action Description
2 Open Phone Shows a list of all online players.
Y Open Player Menu Opens Y-Menu home screen.
3 Open Virtual Inventory
1 Wanted List Shows a list of wanted players.

Y Menu Settings

Keybind Description
View Distance Allows you to edit your view for each mode of transportation
Player Tags Controls whether or not players will have name tags above their head.
NPC Tags Toggles NPC tags.
NPC Names Toggles NPC names.
Sidechat Settings Toggles sidechat visibility.
Reveal Nearest Objects Automatically reveals nearest objects. May increase performance if disabled.
Ambient Life and Sounds Toggles turtles, snakes, rabbits, ambient sounds. May provide a small performance increase if disabled.
Hexagon Icon Here you can change your Hex Icon and color. You can buy hex icons on the Olympus forums.
Terrain/Grass Detail Can edit how much grass is rendered in.
Map Decor Settings Can edit how many decorative items are rendered when joining the server.
Map Auto Zoom/Lock Toggles the auto-zoom and jumping to player icon when opening the map.
New Player Hints Toggles new player hints.
Vehicle Animations Toggles vehicle animations when locking/unlocking. (Only Works for certain vehicles)
Lottery Notifications Will display notifications about lotteries.
Disable Betting Allows you to toggle if bets from other players will pop up for you.
Enable Death Messages Toggles death messages after 500 deaths.
Gang Talk Settings Toggles gang chat visibility.
Ear Plug Settings This allows you to set two custom levels or ear plugs.
FAK+ Scroll Action This allows you to use the scroll wheel for the first aid kit+.
Legacy Hints This allows you to toggle the legacy hints if you don’t like the notifications system.
Olympus Plus Icon Toggles the icon given for Olympus Plus members.
Kill Confirm Toggle Toggles a kill/Tase confirm notification.
Local Snow Toggles Snow On/Off. (Seasonal Only)
Holiday Music Toggles Holiday Music On/Off. (Seasonal Only)
Gang War Invites Toggles incoming gang war invites.
Nighttime Brightness Toggles brightness at night. (Takes a few seconds to adjust)
Bottom Progress Bar Puts progress bars on the bottom of the UI.
Prevent Reload/Restrain Prevents reloading with Shift + R (if that is your restrain hotkey) on cop/vigi.
Legacy Confirmation Box Use legacy confirmation box.
Hex Scale Changes the size of Hex Icons.
Legacy Interaction Menu Changes the interaction menu from the ‘quip wheel’ back to the old menu.
Hold Interaction Menu Requires you to hold windows key as opposed to toggling it when you interact with vehicles.

Bug Fixes

Keybind Action Description
F6 Disable Texture Bug Monitor Disables the clothing bug warning message
Shift + F7 Fix Clothing Bug Reapplies clothing.