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"1.5 on black let's go baby we hot."


If there is one place on the entire island that has been responsible for punctured drywall, broken desks, and mental breakdowns, it would be the Altis Casinos. Located in Kavala Square and the Pyrgos boardwalk, this is a highly reputable gambling establishment that specializes in the departure of hard-earned money from most and filling the accounts and fulfilling the wildest dreams of others. Altis Casino Management is often posted outside ready to allow guests to enter and willing to assist their guests in any way they can. The legal gambling age on the island is ten hours, so don’t try and trick our dealers. They are required by law to check each player’s ID prior to dealing.


Upon entering, you will see two rows of iconic slot machines. These “one-armed bandits” are for those who partake in casual gambling as they only allow bets ranging from $10k to $100k with each win doubling the initial wager. At this game, all you can really do is pray as after you enter your bet as you will pull the lever and let fate run its course.


Just up the stairs in the casino, you will find the roulette table, otherwise known as the “Devil’s Wheel”. Just like BlackJack, the betting range is set at 100k to 10 million dollars. Once you approach the table you will have three choices for you to bet on. Red and Black evenly occupy the wheel and are objectively safer bets and will pay double the initial wager, however, if you are to bet on the green slot and win you will get your payout multiplied by 14 with a much higher factor of risk as there are only two on the top and bottom of the wheel. Many will be quick to tell you that roulette is the safest way to gamble in the casino but, as the croupier will tell you, many have gambled and lost their fortunes in an instant at this table.


Moving past the staircase you will find three Blackjack tables manned by crafty dealers ready to take your money. Players will be able to make bets ranging from 100k to 10 million dollars. Once you approach the table you will see the game follows the standard rules of BlackJack. There are natural blackjacks, two cards are drawn that equal the value of 21, which will pay 1.5x the initial wager as well as the option to “double down” when one of their cards is a 9, 10, or 11, and the dealer stands on a soft 17.

Blacklisting Yourself From The Casino

If you find yourself gambling constantly and can’t stop yourself from doing so you may be addicted to gambling, but there is a solution and there is help. Simply navigate to the “Support” section of the Olympus Forums and create a new request, from here select the drop down menu and choose the General Inquiry option. The title should be something like this: “Casino Blacklist Request - TheHeroNoob”. From there fill out all of the necessary information and hit the “Save” button. After some time the Olympus Staff Team will see your request and blacklist you from using the casino. Do not worry though, this can be reset by making another General Inquiry requesting it to be lifted.