Blackwater Armory

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"No you're right, 25 hunters isn't excessive."
Mason Harrison


The Blackwater Armory represents the most difficult federal event to successfully complete. This event is the ultimate test of group communication, size, planning, tactics, and gun fighting ability.

Once the alarms sound, the APD is required to respond to the Blackwater Armory. APD officers will most likely log into the server to specifically counter the robbery. A wave-after-wave onslaught of APD officers will work to end the robbery until the bomb is defused or the event is won by the civilians. While the bomb on the vault door counts down, entire waves of armored APD vehicles will slam into the outside walls of the armory. As the vault doors are blasted open, APD armed Ghosthawks will arrive to stop the civilians from leaving with a Blackwater vehicle. The APD will follow the civilians in the Blackwater vehicle until they seize it or see it explode. Once the bomb is blown, a cool-down of 40 minutes will begin until another robbery can be started. If the bomb is defused the cool-down is 30 minutes.

Starting The Robbery

You will need a blasting charge to start a Blackwater robbery. You can buy a blasting charge at a Rebel Outpost or Black Market. To plant a blasting charge, locate the large white dome in the center of the Blackwater Armory. Walk up to the large door of the dome, open your inventory by pressing "y," click the blasting charge, and press "use." The blasting charge can only be planted if 7 cops are online. The charge will count down for 25 minutes before it explodes.

If you wish to hack the anti-air system at the Blackwater Armory, you'll also need to buy a hacking terminal. When the anti-air is operating normally, civilians will receive an anti-air warning when entering the largest orange ring. Then, the civilians will be shot out of the sky by a heat-seeking missile if they enter the small center circle. Normally, the APD can enter the anti-air without being shot. If the anti-air is hacked, these roles reverse.

When you enter the rings of an active Jail you will be notified that the zone is KOS.

Possible Rewards

  • If the APD defuse the bomb, $500,000 will be split between all of the officers within a 3km radius independent of rank.
  • The following items can be acquired by the civilians from the Blackwater containers. Item commonality is rated as either Common, Uncommon, Rare, Very Rare, or Ultra Rare.
  • Blackwater spawn rate accounts for officer deaths for additional loot chance
  • The exact percentage-measured chance of each item spawning at a Blackwater Armory robbery will not be released on the wiki. The commonalities listed on this wiki page were granted and confirmed by the Olympus development team.
Weapon Commonality Ammo Arma Unofficial Wiki
RPG-42 Ultra-Rare 105 mm PG-42V high-explosive anti-tank (HEAT) // 72 mm TBG-42V high-explosive (HE) grenades Wiki
ASP-1 Kir Very Rare 12.7 mm 10Rnd Mag Wiki
Zafir Very Rare 7.62 mm 150Rnd Tracer (Green) Box Wiki
Promet SG Very Rare 12 Gauge 6Rnd Pellets
12 Gauge 6Rnd Slug
RPG-7 Very Rare PG-7VM HEAT Grenade Wiki
MAR-10 Lethal (Camo) Rare .338 LM 10Rnd Mag Wiki
Titan Launcher Rare Titan AA Missile Wiki
.50 BW 10Rnd Caseless Mag Rare N/A Wiki
LIM-85 Common 5.56 mm 200Rnd Reload Tracer (Yellow) Box Wiki
Mk200 Common 6.5 mm 200Rnd Belt Wiki
Clothing Commonality Arma Unofficial Wiki
Special Purpose Helmet (Hex) Very Rare Wiki
ENVG-II (Grey) Rare Wiki
LBV Grenadier Harness (Suicide Vest) Rare None
Ghillie Suit [CSAT] Uncommon Wiki
Pilot Coveralls [CSAT] Uncommon Wiki
Granit-T (Stackable) Uncommon Wiki
Defender Helmet (Green Hex) Uncommon Wiki
Full Ghillie (Arid) [CSAT] Uncommon Wiki
Carrier Special Rig (Green) Common Wiki
Recon Fatigues (Hex) Common Wiki
GA Carrier Lite (Digital) Common Wiki
Pilot Helmet [CSAT] Common Wiki
Items Commonality Arma Unofficial Wiki
DMS Scope Ultra Rare Wiki
.388 Suppressor Ultra Rare [1]
7.62 Suppressor Ultra Rare Wiki
6.5 Suppressor Very Rare Wiki
6.5 Stealth Suppressor Very Rare Wiki
5.8 Stealth Suppressor Very Rare Wiki
5.56 Suppressor Very Rare Wiki
M6 SLAM Mine Uncommon Wiki
APERS Tripwire Mine Uncommon Wiki
ARCO Scope Common Wiki
ARCO Scope Common Wiki
MRCO Scope Common Wiki
RCO Grenade Common Wiki
IR Laser Pointer Common Wiki
Explosive Charge Common Wiki
RGO Grenade Common Wiki
RGN Grenade Common Wiki
Claymore Charge Common Wiki
Vehicle Commonality Arma Unofficial Wiki
Offroad (AT) Rare Wiki
UH-80 Ghost Hawk Very Rare Wiki
CH-67 Huron (Armed) Rare Wiki