Link Forums Account to Steam for Money

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How to Link Your Steam Account to the Forums

This guide will show you how to link your Steam account to your forums account for a free and easy $500k to help you start on the server.

Make sure while you are doing this you are not in-game as this may cause some issues.

How to Start

First off you’re going to need a forum profile, you can make an account on our forums here. To start getting your free money simply go to your account settings after making your account and click the “sign in with Steam” option. Then go ahead and sign in with your Steam account.

How to claim your $500k

Congratulations you’ve linked your Steam account to your forums profile and got a free $500k in your deposit box! Now you just have to claim it, you can do this at any ATM. Simply go up to any ATM and select the “Deposit Box” option. You’ll then have the $500k in your account.

If you've already linked your Steam or didn't get your money, follow these extra instructions:

Go onto the forums and navigate to your profile and select the “Steam Profile” tab. Select the options tab and you’ll see a “Clear Cache” option, click this.

After this simply select the “Options” drop down again and select “Update” this time.

NOTICE: Make sure you are not in game while doing this or you will not receive your cash if you have to do these extra steps!

Note: Registering alt accounts with throwaway forum accounts may result in administrative action.