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Community Goals

Community goals are like quests but are completed with the entire community. The staff shall set the community goals which are unique to each faction at any point in time which shall last a week from creation, only one community goal per faction may be active at a time. If the community is able to complete the goal there is a reward for completion. Rewards are based on contributions to the goal, the higher your contribution, the more generous the reward.

How to access community goals

To access community goals open your “Y” menu by pressing “Y” on your keyboard. Doing so will bring up a menu showing all sorts of buttons and GUIs including your money, settings, stats, etc. What we’re looking for is the “Quest Menu” button, this can be found right below your money under the bank symbol as a green button labeled “Quest Menu”. In the “Quest Menu” you will find another menu for “Community Goals. Inside of this menu you will be able to see current community goals and how to contribute to them, their progress, the highest possible reward and your current contribution to the cause.


The payment is dependent on both your tier and the staff. The max reward varies from each reached tier.

  • S - (100% of max reward)
  • A - (80% of max reward)
  • B - (60% of max reward)
  • C - (40% of max reward)
  • D - (20% of max reward)
  • E - (10% of max reward)
  • F - (2.5% of reward)

Based upon the tier reached the reward shall vary.

  • Top 6 Contributors (100% of tier reward)
  • Top 10% of all contributors (85% of tier reward)
  • Top 25% of all contributors (75% of tier reward)
  • Top 50% of all contributors (50% of tier reward)
  • Top 75% of all contributors (25% of tier reward)
  • Top 100% of all contributors (10% of tier reward)
  • No Contribution (No reward)


Each goal is unique to each faction and varies in difficulty.


As a civilian, possible tasks could be:

  • Selling Illegal Goods
  • Selling Legal Goods
  • Use Blasting Charges
  • Capture Cartels
  • Kill Cops
  • Steal Pharmaceuticals
  • Unseal Black Markets
  • Rob Players


As an APD member possible tasks consist of:

  • Play Time
  • Defuse bombs
  • Impound Vehicles
  • Terminate Pharmaceuticals
  • Seize Pharmaceuticals
  • Complete Escorts
  • Impound Stolen Vehicles
  • Resolve Dispatches
  • Drive Distance


As a member of the RnR tasks you may encounter could be:

  • Vehicles Impounded
  • Players Revived
  • Lollipops Given
  • Play Time.