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How do I open my phone/virtual inventory?

Press the "y" button to open your phone and navigate the different menus.

Where do I go with a question that I can't find the answer to?

If you're unable to find an answer to one of your questions, you can join the Olympus TeamSpeak server and talk to a support team member. The IP address for the TeamSpeak is:

Where do I buy stuff?

Open your map and find which city you're in. If you just spawned, you're most likely in a spawn city such as Kavala, Pyrgos, or Athira. Look for places labeled "General Store", "Market", "Clothing Store", etc..

Many weapons, vehicles, and items are unavailable for purchase in spawn cities because they are considered illegal. You will need to travel to locations such as "Rebel Outpost" or "Black Market" to buy illegal items.

How do I unlock my vehicle?

To unlock your vehicle, look at the vehicle and press "U".

How do I pick items or collect resources?

To collect an item at a field or resource area, look at the ground press "Windows Key". You must be within the gathering area to begin the gathering cycle.

How do I properly engage in roleplay?

You are able to engage in roleplay by talking in the direct communication voice channel in-game. You may not type in any of the Arma 3 channels to initiate combat with someone. Texting someone with you phone is another way to engage with someone.

How do I put my hands up?

To put your hands up, press "Tab".

How do I repair my vehicle?

If you need to repair your vehicle, you have a few options.

The easiest is way to repair a vehicle is by looking it and pressing "Windows Key". A menu should appear including an option to repair your vehicle. Once selected, the repair process will begin. If you move away from the vehicle, the repair process will cancel. Although rare, in some cases, a vehicle may be too damaged to repair without a toolkit. The process for using a toolkit to repair is the same.

If you are close to a service station, this may be the best option for you. If you drive your vehicle into the bay of any gas station, you will be able to repair your vehicle. Driving into an air service station will also give you the option to repair your ground vehicle.

If you're not currently involved in an engagement, another way to repair your vehicle is by storing it in a garage and re-pulling it.

How do I join the APD or R&R?

To become an APD officer or medic, you have to apply on the forums. Go to the Olympus website, click the "Support" tab at the top of the website and then press "New Request". Once the empty request form is open, choose the "APD Application" or "R&R Application" choice under the "Department" field. Now, fill out the questions asked. Remember to read the entire application in detail before you fill it out.

How do I report someone for breaking the rules?

If you want to report someone for breaking server rules, you'll have to submit a player report on the Olympus website. Before submitting a player report, make sure to read this important ticket report information.

Why am I randomly in jail after logging back in?

If you log out of the server while you're in restraints, your skeleton will be left on the ground. When the person who put you in restraints looks at those bones, they will receive an option to send your bones to jail. Once you log back into the server, you'll spawn inside of jail.

How do I get out of jail faster?

If you are in jail, around the edges of the dome you will see trash piles. At these trash piles you will have the scroll wheel option to collect contraband. Collecting gives you 2-4 contraband which can be turn in to the bondsman located inside the deerstand. Each contraband turned in reduces your sentence by 1 minute.

What's the weather like on Olympus?

If you are curious about the weather on the island, it is either sunny, cloudy, or foggy. It never rains!

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