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In the 1980’s, the rebels on the island set up a chop shop near Kavala to get some extra money from the cars they stole. After seeing the large amount of money that could be made, the rebels set up three more locations near Neochori, Pyrgos, and Sofia. To this day, although these chop shops move around the island from time to time, all 4 are still fully operational.

Using a Chop Shop

There are 4 chop shops on the map near Kavala, Sofia Pyrgos and Neochori. Using them is very simple:

  1. Locate a chop shop on the map
  2. Go to the chop shop with the vehicle you intend to chop/claim
  3. Put the vehicle near the NPC
  4. Scroll-wheel interact with the NPC and select chop/claim
  5. Only illegal vehicles can be claimed but every vehicle can be chopped

Chop Shop Locations

Sell & Claim Price

When chopping a vehicle, you will receive 40% of the original price of the vehicle. Upon claiming an illegal armored vehicle, 80% of the original vehicle price will be taken from your bank to pay for the re-keying.